Roof in ITE College Central Damaged Again, This Time Causing 2 Injuries

ITE Students: Can we have Changi Airport’s Jewel?

ITE College Central: No, we already have a Jewel at home.

The Jewel at home:

Image: TikTok
@fwappii Hole torn in ITE Central roof #fyp ♬ Thunderstruck – AC/DC

Yep, the ITE CC roof got damaged again, and caused two injuries. Here’s what happened.

Rain Ripped ITE CC’s Roof

It has been raining for the past few days, and is predicted to keep on raining for the first half of April.

The rain apparently got so intense that it ripped a portion of the roof membrane at ITE College Central. The rainwater falling from the ripped roof went viral on TikTok for its uncanny resemblance to the indoor waterfall at Changi Airport’s Jewel, doesn’t it?

The unexpected wet floor also led to two people slipping and suffering from minor injuries. The Singapore Civil Defence Force said it received a call for assistance from ITE CC at 5:30pm on 6 April, and the two people were sent to Sengkang General Hospital.

Needless to say, everyone else has since steered far away from the downpour. The area has also been cordoned off.

An ITE spokesperson has confirmed that repair works are currently underway.

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Wait, Damaged “Again”?

Yes, you read that correctly. Again. 

This wasn’t the first time that ITE CC’s roof got ripped apart, which made students surprised as they didn’t expect such a thing to happen once, much less twice:

Image: TikTok

In November 2020, ITE CC’s roof collapsed due to rain accumulation, and a mini-Jewel was formed there too.

But it’s not just ITE CC that experienced this absurdity. Singapore Management University had a similar incident in 2017, where a false ceiling collapsed due to water accumulation.

Hopefully, ITE CC finds a permanent way to fix their roof, and there won’t be any more knock-off Jewel indoor waterfalls in the future.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@fwappii)