It’s Alleged That Jack Ma, A Billionaire, Has Been Eating Like This Regularly


Last Updated on 2022-11-12 , 3:23 pm

Jack Ma – the moment you hear this name, what do you associate him with?

Wealth. Power. Billionaire. Success. Cheap stuff from Taobao.

But soon, you might just associate him with something that you’d have never expected.

Maggi Mee.

Yes, this is an image of him having his lunch supposedly on 20 September 2017, which just happens to be the third anniversary of Alibaba’s IPO.

If this were me who loves Maggi Mee as much as cai png, no one would bat an eye.

But this just happens to be Jack Ma, a man who is worth so much (at a whopping USD$38.9 billion), he could easily buy a few instant noodles manufacturers with his monthly pay and still have some change.

Posted by one of his staff, he claimed that for the last 18 years, Jack Ma have been eating lunches like this.

That’s such a stark contrast to influencers who like to post images of their food to show off their high life #justsaying

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The founder of Alibaba has been known to have a humble management philosophy. A search on YouTube will reveal how he speaks to his colleagues and friends – you almost won’t know that he’s the wealthiest person in China until you Google him.

This guy who owns a private jet that costs well over SGD$80 million revealed in a 2014 interview that he isn’t exactly happy to be so rich – people now surround him because he’s wealthy.

He prefers to be “himself” and have fun.

It’s almost common for rags-to-riches billionaires to continue certain humble lifestyle habits: Mark Zuckerberg is known for driving a low-end Volkswagon, Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad bought all his clothes from car-boot sales (think of it as pasar malam) and Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon, drives a 1996 Honda – because “it’s a good car”.


And closer to home, Jay Chou took a budget airline in Europe (presumably because no one would recongize him there).

Obviously, the richest person is one who doesn’t need to look rich.