Unofficial War Correspondent Ix Shen is Now in Poland & Gives Updates About Welfare Stations There

Singaporean and unofficial war correspondent Ix Shen will no longer be providing Instagram updates in Kyiv, as he has safely gotten to Poland.

Instead, he’ll be sharing footage of welfare stations and how Ukrainians are fleeing to Poland.

Here’s his latest update.

Drove From Kyiv to Lviv, Taking Bus to Poland’s Warsaw

The former actor was based in Ukraine with his wife, but has decided to leave Kyiv as the fighting gets more intense.

He said that he drove about 550km from Kyiv to Lviv as a valet driver to deliver the car to its owner in Lviv, a western Ukrainian city.


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From there, he boarded an overnight bus and is headed toward Poland’s capital, Warsaw.

In an Instagram update on 11 March, Shen shared that he has reached the first pit stop in Poland. The Poland-Ukraine border is about 70km from Lviv, and he is now safe in Poland.

Many Welfare Stations in Poland Providing Essentials for Ukrainians

In his update, Shen also added that he saw many welfare stations in Poland. Volunteers were provided free hot meals, drinks, clothing and toys for Ukrainians who just arrived.

The video he shared also showed tents set up by the road, and volunteers serving food and drinks.

He said that the scene was “heartwarming”, and captioned his post with “Energising Empathy” and “慈”, the Chinese character for kindness and benevolence.


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According to estimates by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over two million have fled Ukraine, and about 1.8 million people have been displaced.

Nearly 1.5 million people have crossed the border into Poland as the fighting continues in Ukraine.

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Featured Image: Instagram (Ix Shen)