Jack Neo’s Daughter, Who Was Looked Down by Her Teacher, Won an Entrepreneur Award

“You will only be doing odd jobs for a living when you grow up.”

Those words sparked the determination of Ethel Neo, Jack Neo’s only daughter.

Jack Neo’s Daughter, Who Was Looked Down by Her Teacher, Won an Entrepreneur Award

Ethel was only nine when she was told that by her teacher. But that did not break her.

On 28 November, Ethel, 31 years old, and her husband Peter Lau, 37, won the Start-Up Award at the 2022 Spirit of Enterprise Awards.

The couple founded Eclat by Oui in 2017, a jewellery brand specialising in diamond alternatives or diamond simulant accessories.

They ventured further after a few years and started CHU Collagen in 2020, a collagen soup manufacturing business.

CHU Collagen did so well that it hit a six-figure revenue just two months after opening.

“No matter the situation, I will give my 110% so I can live without regrets,” said Ethel.

On 29 November, Ethel uploaded a post on Instagram to share her journey. Her father popped into the comments to leave a message saying he was proud of her.

Her husband also dropped by to share how proud he was of his wife.

Eclat by Oui

The couple’s first company came about from an interesting story.

An engaged couple’s top fear when travelling is losing their rings.

And that was exactly what happened.

Ethel had lost her engagement ring while travelling. She did not want to get another because of how it be lost again in the future and wanted to find a cheaper but similar alternative.

That was when she came across diamond simulants. The company started as a “passion project”, but it quickly blossomed and established itself as a reputable company in Singapore.

Did you know that the person who made Ethel’s new engagement ring back then is currently making all of Eclat’s jewellery?

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Featured Image: Instagram (thepeterlau), Instagram (eclatbyoui)