Wife of 24YO Food Delivery Rider Spoke Out; Only Knew About Accident Through a Telegram Chat


On 10 April, an unfortunate vehicular accident at Gambas Avenue involving a van and two motorcycles took the life of Mr Jason Tan.

Jason Tan was a food delivery rider and soon-to-be father, who had hoped to earn a better income through the incentives offered to the riders.

When the police were alerted around 1pm and arrived at the scene, the paramedic pronounced that Mr Jason Tan was dead.

The Young Widow Janel Tay

Life is scarcely ever fair.

For the 24-year-old widow, Janel Tay, she had previously gone through the pain of a miscarriage last October.

The married couple had been elated when they realised that she was pregnant again recently.

When The Straits Times reporters paid their respects at her husband’s funeral in Woodlands, Ms Tay revealed that Jason had been devastated at the news that their first baby didn’t have a heartbeat when they went for their first check-up last year.


Therefore, when they found out that she was pregnant again, with a healthy child this time, Jason was extremely happy.

At this point in the interview, Ms Tay breaks down into tears as she speaks, “But now he does not even have a chance to know if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl.”

Ms Tay, who is in her early second trimester, said that she sensed that something was wrong with her husband when he went out delivering food that unfortunate Sunday afternoon, because it was unlike him to go for extended periods of silence without texting her.

He had the habit of updating her about what he was doing between his deliveries.

The Terrible Way to Find Out about The Accident

Hours later, it was one of Mr Tan’s friends who told her that Mr Tan might have been caught in an accident when he saw pictures that were circulating on a Telegram chat.

Shortly thereafter, the friend brought Ms Tay to the accident site.

Almost immediately, Ms Tay noticed his belongings, such as his slippers and helmet, but she was still in disbelief until she saw his body.

The 36-year-old male van driver has already been arrested for careless driving and causing deaths.

Police investigations are still underway.

The Young Couple’s History

Mr Jason Tan and Ms Janel Tay were classmates in Primary 5.

They continued to stay in contact despite going to different secondary schools, and eventually became a couple in 2016.

They spent almost every day together, and they got married last month.

Ms Tay remembers her husband fondly, stating that he always had a cheerful personality and never got angry.

She spoke of his love for his parents, often calling his mother to purchase food for her or to simply ask where she was. Before ending his frequent calls to his parents, he would always tell them that he loved them.


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The Stream of Support Pouring In

Groups of delivery riders appeared at Mr Tan’s funeral to pay their respects.

On Tuesday, a fund-raising campaign started by charity platform Ray of Hope received more than $200,000 from 3523 donors as of Thursday morning (14 Apr).

Ms Tay expresses her gratitude towards the outpouring of support from the public. She said she appreciates the messages and words of encouragement left by strangers, and for the donations they have given.

Mr Tan’s brother, Mr Jeremy Tan, told the reporters that the family hasn’t decided what they will be doing with money, though it will probably go to Ms Tay and her unborn child, whom the family will be looking after.

Ms Tay admitted that her late husband was hoping for a son and was considering between Herron and Jevon for their names.

They had other plans for the future too: they were going to look for a new home next year to start their family and go on holidays abroad.


Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the couple had gone to Bangkok, which had been the first flight experience for the pair.

They wanted to go to so many places, like Taiwan and other countries they’ve never seen before.

Ms Tay confesses that she’s still struggling with the fact that her husband is gone. Whenever he left for work, he would always assure her that he would come home safely, and he has always been a cautious man.


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