Expect Longer Queues at JB Checkpoint from Today (16 Oct) As Automated Customs Clearance System Will be Suspended


If you’re currently in Johor Bahru and intend to come back to Singapore tonight… see you tomorrow.

The automatic customs clearance system at the JB CIQ checkpoint will be suspended from today (16 October) till 10 November, and you’ll have to go through clearance manually.

Automatic System Suspended For Replacement and Installation Works

According to the Facebook page of the Sultan Iskandar Building, which is where the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) checkpoint id, the automatic clearance systems will be suspended till 10 November.

They’ll be carrying out replacement and installation works on these automated gates. For the gates not involved in the replacement, it’ll operate as usual, but only for Malaysian citizens.

Counters For Manual Clearance

Anyone who needs to go through manual clearance will have to go through these counters.

Counters 1 to 4 are for Malaysian Citizens, while counters 6 to 18 are for all passports.

Counter 5 is reserved for senior citizens,  disabled people, pregnant mothers, and Malaysian permanent residents.

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Expect Longer Waiting Times

Malaysian media China Press stated that the time taken to clear customs is expected to increase, since many would need to clear customs manually.

Do factor in longer waiting times if you’re planning to go in or out of Malaysia within the next month.

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