Jeremy Chan & Jesseca Liu are Officially Married. Here’re 8 Facts You’re Dying to Know


Last Updated on 2020-02-20 , 1:18 pm

Can’t believe Jeremy Chan is married?

With new media, celebrity couples aren’t getting as much attention as they used to be. Remember how everyone went apeshit after Christopher Lee and Fann Wong got together?

And remember how we all went all out to find out whether Qi Yiwu and Joanne Peh were really dating?

Now, it seems like news of influencer couples breaking up, and airing their dirty laundry for all to see (because influencer, yo), is getting even more eyeballs.

But well. I digress.

Apparently, yesterday, a new celebrity couple is born: Jesseca Liu has officially become Mrs Jeremy Chan.

It’s not too much of a surprise for people who have been keeping tabs on them, since they’ve announced this a while back. Still, you can hear some hearts shattering throughout Singapore, as Jesseca Liu—Mrs Jeremy Chan, I mean—is the dream-girl of many (I speak for the many).

Here’re eight facts about this newly wedded couple, because we need to bring back more news of happily married star couples instead of…you know, influencers’ Twitter wars.

Who exactly are they?

Let’s provide some context to the youngsters who didn’t know what a TV is, should we?

Image: Hardwarezone Forums

Jesseca Liu is a seasoned actress who debuted in 2004, and became popular after her breakthrough role of a Vietnamese bride Ruan Mianmian in the drama Portrait of Home in 2005. From then on, she became an unofficial Ah Jie.


She left MediaCorp in 2010, and then made a comeback in 2015. Since then, she has become one of the seven princesses of MediaCorp. The 38-year-old was born in Langkawai, Malaysia, and was an actress in Malaysia before coming over in Singapore.

Jeremy Chan is well-known for his participation in the second season of Project SuperStar, an insanely popular singing contest back then. As one of the pioneers who stayed in the entertainment industry since 2006, Jeremy Chan has been active in hosting, though he did some acting as well.

They have been dating before February 2016

There’s no official confirmation, but the first hint of the celebrity couple occurred around that period, when they were spotted shopping together in a CNY bazaar in Chinatown. Not sure about you, but I think shopping there during that period is like an unofficial announcement to the world.


See. Who can’t recognize them?

Nevertheless, they made their relationship public only in July 2016, because it’s stressful keeping it under wraps (just ask Mr and Mrs Song in Korea).

The proposal was made two years ago

But wait…February 2016 is like 1.5 year ago, so that could mean one thing: their relationship goes way further back. No one knows when, but it’s revealed that Jeremy Chan proposed shortly after they started dating, which was two years ago.

Man, proposing shortly after dating, and marrying after two years. It’s even more confusing than that Song-Song Couple in Korea.

Plans of wedding floated in the news regularly

You see, Jeremy might want to wait until he’s 35 before he gets married, so that he can get an HDB flat as a single (what, celebrity cannot buy HDB meh?). Then, there was a rumour last year that they were getting married soon because Jeremy’s grandmother had just passed away then, so they had to marry within 100 days, or wait for one to three years after that.

Nothing happened last year at all, of course.

Jesseca started telling the media about her relationship in February 2017

Remember February 2016, when Jesseca was spotted with Jeremy? Well, she told the media that she was in a relationship but refused to say who the guy was. Jesseca, you very the Fann Wong leh. Actually, you also very the Song Hye-kyo leh.


Jesseca is taller than Jeremy

Just so you know, based on the most reliable source that is Google, Jesseca is 172cm while Jeremy is 166cm. Also, lest you’re not aware, Jesseca is 38 years old this year while Jeremy is 35. I don’t know what they’ve been eating because both look 18 to me.

They officially got married yesterday (16 July 2017)

Now, finally to the main point.

Yesterday, Jesseca and Jeremy had a ceremony in Jesseca’s hometown in Langkawi, with 15 tables. And Jeremy relived his Project SuperStar days as he sang the song 爱是永恒 by Jacky Cheung. Too bad this time round, he wasn’t singing to an audience but just to the lady who has just taken on his surname.

That’s even more meaningful, don’t you think?

Jesseca’s announcement in her social media is just so damn classy

Guess she learned something from Jay Chou: all she did was to post an image of the couple below a large tree with the words: “今天,刘家多了一个儿子。”It means “Today, the Liu family has one more son.”


A post shared by 刘子绚 jesseca liu (@jesssseca) on


Imagery is indeed the most powerful way to convey a message.

But of course, some idiots might just misinterpret and think that she’s pregnant lah.

Pictures of their wedding ceremony

Look at the beautiful couple. Now, this is what I call a celebrity couple.