Former NUS Lecturer Jeremy Fernando Has Just Been Charged With Molestation


In October 2020, Jeremy Fernando was fired from his position as a fellow at Tembusu College, one of the four residential colleges in University Town at NUS, after being accused of sexual misconduct by two of his students.

While the two students had decided not to report it to the police, the university chose to lodge one in consideration of the gravity of the situation.

In response to his dismissal, the former lecturer released a statement to apologise for what he did, and he made his own police report on a “related aspect of this situation” as well.

Talk about a surprising turn of events.

After that, things got quiet for a while, and well, now he’s on the news again.

It was reported that Jeremy Fernando was charged with molestation on Friday (24 March 2023).

According to court documents, he allegedly molested a female by kissing her on the lips.

If found guilty, he may be imprisoned for a maximum of two years and receive a fine and caning.

He is scheduled to appear in court again on 21 April.

What Is the Difference Between Being Charged and Being Convicted?

In case you didn’t know, when a person is said to have been charged with a crime, it means that the court has formally accused them of that crime.

They will be convicted of a crime when they plead guilty and admit to the charges.

A Former Lecturer Also From NUS was Jailed for Molestation

On 17 October 2019, a former senior lecturer from NUS, Long Yun, was sentenced to 14 weeks of jail after he pleaded guilty to molesting a 20-year-old female student.

The incident happened on 14 January that same year when the both of them were on the NUS shuttle bus, and he had rubbed his groin against her left thigh for around four minutes.

His lawyer had initially asked the court for an eight-week sentence since Long was a first-time offender, but the final sentence eventually given was 14 weeks of imprisonment.