Jesseca Liu & Jeremy Chan’s Love Story Is Like A Real-life Korean Drama


I‘m sure you’ve all heard about the ‘Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan got hitched’ extravaganza a while back.

If you’re not, you can read about it here.

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Honestly, I’m happy for the couple, even though I’m just a tad bit salty Jeremy beat all of us guys to the goddess herself first.

But it’s over; we can’t do anything, so l shall be a gracious gentleman and just dis the good-looking loser.

A LOVE TO REMEMBER, starring Jesseca Liu and Jeremy Chan

Jesseca Liu recently sat down with local site Stomp and shared her love story.

While their story wasn’t as touching as Romeo and Juliet, I would say that it could make a pretty legit B grade Korean drama.

Warning: the following extract is full of sugar, sweets and everything nice, so click away if you can’t handle the sensation of having eaten an Oreo cheesecake, and watch something like Annabelle: Creation instead.

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Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect Utopia where the first eye contact we share with our crush would send electrifying sparks everywhere that threaten to trip the wire and cause a fire and subsequently a huge explosion and everyone dies.

For actor Jeremy Chan, it’s definitely no La La Land.

He first noticed Jesseca when they boarded the same company bus, but it took years before she reciprocated. *Cue Korean sad, emotional OST*

In fact, it wasn’t until she watched Mediacorp’s Recruit Diaries series that she became interested to know him better. (Jeremy had starred in the sit-com) *Cue Korean sad, emotional OST*


It seems Lady Luck and Mr Cupid have been doing some serious, shady plotting, because Jesseca and Jeremy ended working together in the Xinmsn web drama Who Killed The Lead (which aired three years ago), and got to know each other a lot better through it. While it wasn’t specified, I’m willing to bet my boss’ car that they properly fell for each other then too. *Cue Korean sad, emotional OST*


If I didn’t know better, I would have assumed Jeremy to be in possession of the holy bible ‘Dummy’s guide to winning a woman’s heart fast and stylishly’.

When the both of them were in Japan, Jeremy took her to the Tokyo Skytree: a TV broadcasting, restaurant and observation tower in Sumida.

Mr Romeo (no, not this Romeo) had secretly arranged for a proposal ring to be placed beside a pretty dessert dish, alongside a sparkler with the words, “Will you marry me?” written on the tray.

When it was served, Jeremy got down on one knee to propose. With the setting sun in full view around them, Jesseca thought it was real romantic, and said yes.

This guy’s slicker than my sister’s leg hair, I swear.

But brilliant move, chap. You have us beaten hands down.


Jesseca grew up in Langkawi, and naturally has a gravitation towards it. And because the both of them loved the beach, they decided to hold their wedding ceremony and celebration over there.

The bride didn’t want a particularly sexy dress (well we kind of wish otherwise though), and with her good friend Steve’s assistance, she discovered the perfect mermaid gown: “modern, simple and lightweight enough for her to move around comfortably in on the beach and everywhere else.”

Image: Stomp

They also custom-made seashell boutonnieres for Jeremy and his horsemen – I mean groomsmen, and decorated the venue with pastel flowers, shells, vintage metal lamps and driftwood, in order to produce a charming and more rural resort kind of feel.


I’ve always thought that only K-Drama characters bother with all that.

Seeing how unromantic I am, I would probably just take my bride-to-be to a void deck, eat some rice cakes and yay we are married. Splendid. Would totally give myself 10/10 for effort.

Last Act: Uncontrollably Fond

As Jesseca walked down the aisle with her dad, Jeremy started serenading them with the song ‘Love is Eternal’ by Jacky Cheung. The son was just setting, and the whole venue was cast in a glowing light as Jesseca reached her groom, and they looked into each other’s eyes lovingly.

They proceeded to exchange their vows, which they wrote themselves, and it was a real emotional and beautiful moment for them: although there were many guests in attendance, they felt like they were the only ones there, in that moment, in that instant.

Image: Stomp

Oh, so sweet.

I’m still salty at Jeremy though. The dude’s not just good-looking; he can play the Romeo game and he can sing. Hmph.


But all jokes aside, I think the couple’s a pretty good match, and I wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Like what their in-laws are probably saying 24/7: “Eh, faster give me my grandchild la. Want me to wait until I kong ka kiao is it?”

And if there’s a lesson to take from this one…

Don’t give up hope, even if it’s not love at first sight. 

It might not be a fairy tale, but with time…

Things will change.


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