Jimmy Lin’s Wife Claims There Are Fake News About Car Crash Jimmy Lim Was Involved In

If you didn’t know, Taiwanese singer, actor, and racecar driver Jimmy Lin crashed his Tesla on 22 July.

There have been lots of rumours surrounding the crash circulating on social media right now, and his wife has stepped up to label them fake news.

Tesla Burst into Flames

Lin was driving along Zhongzheng North Road in Luzhu District, Taoyuan City, at about 10:51am on 22 July. When he made a U-turn, his Tesla ended up veering to the right lane and collided into an electrical pole at the road divider.

The white Tesla then burst into flames, while he and his son were still in it.

Lin and his son were rescued from the flaming Tesla by passers-by. They were subsequently taken to Linkou Chang Gung Hospital for treatment.

The singer fractured some bones in his face and dislocated his shoulder, while his son suffered bruises to his neck and chest. Lin is under medical observation, but his condition is stable.

Lin has reportedly regained consciousness after three days in the intensive care unit, and is now able to hold simple conversations with his family. However, he still isn’t well enough to explain the incident fully.

Allegedly Didn’t Wear Seatbelt, Son Illegally in Car’s Front Seat

There have been rumours from eyewitnesses that Jimmy’s seatbelt wasn’t fastened when he was rescued from the Tesla.

Additionally, his son Jenson was allegedly found in the front seat of the car when being rescued. This is illegal in Taiwan, where children aged four to 12 are not allowed to be placed in the front seat.

Wife Labels These Fake News

Lin’s wife, Taiwanese actress Kelly Chen, has taken to Weibo to share her thoughts.

A translation of her post reads:

“I hope to quell the false news spreading on the Internet, which makes me, a wife and mother, very sad to read. I would like to appeal to the public not to believe in unverified rumours. I would like to thank everyone for their concern and support for us — this is the greatest way to help us right now.”

However, the actress did not elaborate on what the fake news is.

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During the accident, multiple pictures were taken of Lin and were posted online. The pictures featured Lin with a swollen and bloody face and torso.

According to a lawyer, Lin’s face is a “commodity” with his status as a public figure. By posting such unflattering pictures, it could infringe on his portrait rights and affect his commercial value.

But it turns out that these netizens don’t have to worry after all, as Jimmy’s family is reportedly not going to sue anyone over those unglams. The family is viewing these passers-by as “benefactors”, and is thus not offended by their actions.

On the other hand, Taoyuan City is going to request from Lin a payment of about NT$100,000, or S$4,600, for damages caused to the signpost.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Jimmy Lin, TVB Entertainment News)