Joe Biden Falling from His Bicycle Went Viral; Said He’s Okay After Fall


Typically, Presidents don’t make the headlines unless they have either attended an event or they made a significant executive decision.

(Yes, we’re all ignoring the orange sunburn, for he has plagued the newsfeed for four too many years.)

On Saturday (18 June), US President Joe Biden was cycling down Rehoboth Beach near his Delaware beach home when his foot got caught in one of his pedal clips and he fell down.

President Biden Falls Off His Bike

People can even trip on thin air sometimes, let alone on a bipedal bike with many moving parts.

If it’s a stranger, we leave them be or offer a helping hand if it’s necessary, and if it’s our friend, we laugh as we watch them brush off the dust.

But when the President of the United States, a 79-year-old politician with good ratings, suddenly tumbles off his bike in front a small crowd of onlookers and reporters, it immediately goes viral online.

He might have the Secret Service agents flanking him in plain clothes, but no one can save you from yourself and mini whoopsies.


As of writing this article, the short 8-second video has been watched at least 22.8 million times.

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Biden: I’m Okay

Although Biden suddenly tilted off his bike and landed on the asphalt, he got up as quickly as he fell.

“I’m okay,” he told the reporters at the scene, even lingering around the site to talk to the people of Delaware to prove it.

A White House official reiterated that the President was fine, didn’t require any medical attention, and would be spending the rest of his day with his family.


Of course, that wasn’t enough to assuage members of the public completely.

Roughly seven hours later, Mr Biden came out personally to state that he was right as rain.

When a reporter shouted out a question about “how he was feeling”, the president responded by hopping up and down on both feet, smiling and pumping his fists as he left St Edmund’s church after attending the afternoon mass.

If that isn’t sufficient in convincing people that the almost-octogenarian is fine, I don’t know what will.

Mr Biden has been staying at his Delaware beach home for the long weekend, even spending the Juneteenth public holiday there.

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Featured Images: Twitter (BNN Newsroom) & BBC

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