Man Stole a Blood Pressure Monitor from Jurong West Pharmacy After Check-Up Reveals That His Blood Pressure is High


Last Updated on 2022-12-13 , 3:05 pm

How far would you go to take charge of your health?

Most of us would go the distance for our health, but one particular man is willing to break the law for it.

A man recently stole a blood pressure monitor from a Jurong West pharmacy. This is why he did it.

Man Finds Out He Has High Blood Pressure; Steals Blood Pressure Monitor

A man discovered during a health checkup in 2021 that he had high blood pressure.

The doctor had advised him to purchase a blood pressure monitor for home use to monitor himself regularly.

Instead, on the same afternoon, the 57-year-old visited a pharmacy in Jurong West and stole a blood pressure monitor.

And he didn’t just pick any monitor. In true kiasu spirit, he chose the expensive one.

The monitor he stole was worth $219.

He tore off the packaging on the spot and hid the blood pressure monitor under his clothes.

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To throw off suspicion, he even intentionally purchased a cheaper monitor to steal the more expensive one. The cheaper monitor cost him $79.

It was almost the perfect crime if not for the diligence of an employee at the pharmacy.

While doing routine orders for the pharmacy, the employee noticed that they were missing a blood pressure monitor—the one that the 57-year-old had stolen.

Only after looking over the surveillance footage did the pharmacy realise that the man had stolen the blood pressure monitor.

The pharmacy subsequently made a police report.

Man Sentenced to One Week’s Jail

This wasn’t the 57-year-old’s first rendezvous with the law.


He is a repeat offender, who had committed theft twice before this incident, once in 2013 and once in 2018.

Both times, the 57-year-old was sentenced to one day’s jail and a fine. This time, he wasn’t going to get away as easily.

The prosecution had submitted that despite the man’s efforts to compensate the pharmacy for their losses, a heavier sentence still ought to be imposed to deter the man from re-offending.

In mitigation, the man’s lawyer submitted for just one day’s jail in light of the 57-year-old’s dysthymia. He also submitted that the man only resorted to theft due to familial and work pressures.

On Thursday (8 Dec), the 57-year-old was sentenced to one week’s jail.


Blood Pressure Monitors, Fruits, Bras…

In the past few months, several other reported theft cases have occurred.

The catch? The crimes all involve obscure items.

We’ve seen enough of the man responsible for the theft of a blood pressure monitor, but wait till you hear this.

A 29-year-old Singaporean was charged with stealing a woman’s bra on a cruise in December 2021.

And just a few months ago, a man was caught stealing fruits from an altar outside an HDB flat.

He even says what seems to be a short prayer when he does it.


It’s not every day that we see incidents like this, and while the sheer outlandishness of such incidents is undoubtedly amusing, we should keep in mind that theft is a serious crime and is not to be taken lightly.

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