Jurong Bird Park Having $10 Admission Tickets Until Its Closure on 3 Jan


Before the compulsory-field-trip-nostalgia closes for good, Jurong Bird Park will be holding a year-end campaign, A Flight to Remember.

To encourage as many locals as possible to visit before it eventually closes on 3 January 2023, the park will be selling admission tickets at $10, but only for local residents who are holding a valid Wildpass.

Those who are not currently holding a Wildpass can sign up Mandai Wildlife’s website. Entry period will begin on 19 November 2022 and ends on 3 January 2023, but bookings can be made as early as today.

The Goodbye Events

Farewell need not be sad; in fact, exciting events will begin on 19 November to commemorate the park’s five decades-long history.

One such includes the Celebration Caw-nival, hosted at Penguin Coast, and Birdz of Play, which offers visitors fun rides and activities. Games include ‘Hit-a-Target’, “Roll-a-Ball’, ‘Mini Rail Ride’ and many others.

Do note that park-goers will need to purchase a Caw-nival Fun Card to be able to play the exciting game booths and rides prepared.

Image: Mandai Wildlife Group
Image: Mandai Wildlife Group

Over at Flamingo Lodge, in honor of the park’s opening era, the area has been turned into Kampung Jurong, completed with authentic hawker fare served from pushcarts in the style of the 1970s.

Image: Mandai Wildlife Group

Before leaving, visitors can head to the photography counter to take photographs with the numerous feather companions for a special Commemorative Photo Set to round off their stay.

One 6R image and a limited-edition Jurong Bird Park medallion are also included, allowing visitors to take home a piece of history to remember for years to come.

Image: Mandai Wildlife Group

The Nostalgic Signature Tour will also be introduced, allowing families to learn about the rich history of Singapore’s oldest wildlife park with knowledgeable guides while also getting up close to the bird during feeding times at the African Treetops and Waterfall Aviaries.

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Remembering Our Beloved Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is not just part of the Mandai Wildlife Group (ZAA), but it is also a member of the Southeast Asian Zoon and Aquarium Association (SEAZA) and the World Association of Zoos and Aquarium.

The largest bird park in Asia, which expands across a 20.2-hectare hillside area, it is home to 3,500 birds across 400 species, 20 percent of which are vulnerable.

Throughout the years, the beloved national park has welcomed 41 million visitors, including tourists and residents.

Besides its massive size, the park is renowned for its large, immersive walk-in aviaries such as Lory Loft, African Treetops, and Waterfall Aviary. Other unique exhibits include Penguin Coast and Pelican Cove.

In addition to being one of Singapore’s main attractions, avian care research and conservation are essential to the park. Numerous endangered species have been successfully bred over the years, including the Great Hornbill, Black Hornbill, Twelve-wired-Bird-of-Paradise, Straw-headed Bulbul, and Santa Cruz Ground-dove.

On top of that, Jurong Bird Park doesn’t just provide intensive care for hornbills; they are also at the forefront of research and conservation efforts in the genetic research of hornbills. Similarly, the park is committed to the preservation of Asian songbirds.


Beyond that, the park is also a recognized rehabilitation facility for rescued wild birds in Singapore.

Make sure to visit Jurong Bird Park’s closing website for more information on the activities.

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Featured Image: Google Maps/ Mandai Wildfire Group