Iconic NTUC FairPrice at Jurong Point B1 Closing & Could Be Replaced by Don Don Donki

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Don-don-don-donki, don, don, donki~

As you hear this theme song, the fellow Westie can shed a silent tear of remembrance for the NTUC Fairprice that is about to go in Jurong Point.

That’s right, the Fairprice supermarket located in Jurong Point will be gone soon. Its last day of operation will be on 22 May 2022, Sunday.

Reportedly, when Fairprice is gone, the iconic blue penguin and its barrage of Japanese goods will take over its space instead.

Outlet To Close at B1 of Jurong Point

According to MSNews, the news of the outlet closure was first reported by a Facebook post made by Singapore Atrium Sale on 9 May.

A Fairprice spokesperson said that they will indeed be closing their outlet at Basement 1 of Jurong Point.

Fairprice would also like to take the opportunity to thank all their customers for their support.

Hypermarket Available Still at Level 3 of Jurong Point 

However, fellow grocery shoppers in the area need not fret as Fairprice has also clarified that their 24-hour hypermarket located on level 3 will still be in operation.

Meanwhile, the post made by Singapore Atrium Sale also indicate that another Don Don Donki outlet will be the one replacing the Fairprice outlet store.

Netizen Reactions to Don Don Donki Take Over

Many have been happy over the news about Donki taking over Fairprice at Jurong Point.

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One netizen has commented “Yes ah!” to the idea of Donki making its over to the shopping mall.

Others have also cheered that having an outlet in Jurong Point would mean that residents in the area will no longer have to travel all the way to JCube for their Japanese snack and food fix.

However, some did mourn the loss of the Fairprice outlet as they preferred it over the hypermarket located on Level 3 because of its spaciousness and lesser crowds.

Still, one thing’s for sure is that everyone will be singing the tune of the diabolical blue penguin once it opens officially at Jurong Point.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)



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