Water Slide in Indonesia Gave Way, Sending People Crashing to the Ground from 10m

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A lifetime of watching Final Destination movies will set some of us off into paranoia of dying in the worst ways possible whenever we are at the park or swimming pool.

And sadly for some, their worst fears came through when a 10-meter high water slide located in an amusement park collapsed in Indonesia.

What Happened

A video posted on Facebook shows the moment when people fell onto the ground from the high water slide as it collapsed. Warning: viewer’s discretion advised.

This incident occurred on Saturday (7 May) at Kenjeren Park, also known as Kenpark which is located in Surabaya.

In the video, water could be seen gushing out rapidly from what looked like a “leak” in a water slide. Moments after, the slide gave way from the point where the “leak” was spotted and sent people inside the slide crashing towards the ground.

Afterwards, adults could be seen rushing towards the people who fell from the slide and to the ground to render help.

According to Antara News, the point at which the slide gave way was about 10-meters high.

Injuries Caused Due to Slide Collapse

According to AsiaOne, nine people had fallen from the water-filled ride, including one child who suffered from a head injury.

A later report showed that a total of 16 people, mostly children, were injured due to the park accident. At least three people suffered from broken bones as a result of the slide collapse.

There were no fatalities reported.

Media speculation discussed that the slide collapse could be due to possible wear and tear.

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However, a park spokesperson said that rides at the attraction are maintained regularly, adding that the last scheduled maintenance occurred nine months ago.

The spokesperson added that the collapse might be due to overcapacity instead, where the ride was overloaded past its maximum limit of five to ten people.

Due to the accident, the park has been closed since 8 May but its unclear if it has since reopened for visitors.

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