Iconic Jurong Regional Library Will Be Relocated to…Jurong East

Yes, the original Jurong Regional Library which is located 350m from the Jurong East MRT station will be relocated even closer to the MRT.

Readers: How is that even considered relocation? 

Well, what I mean is that the 12,020sqm library which exists as an independent building spanning four floors and a basement is being replaced by a residential development with shops at the first storey.

Instead, the library will now be part of the upcoming Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub, which is slated for completion in 2027.

The Development of the Integrated Hub

Located at the heart of Jurong East, the integrated hub will also consist of a community club, sports centre, offices and retail space in a 27-storey tower block connected to an eight-storey podium by a sky bridge.

The design layout considers multiple transport systems, and includes a new MRT line for Jurong Region MRT line in the development.

With its opening, one can no longer get confused when transferring between North-South and East-West lines (also the new Jurong Region MRT line).

A temporary protective structure enclosure is to be installed on existing railway viaducts to protect the passing trains from potential debris or falling objects from the ongoing construction work for the hub, according to a Land Transport Authority spokesman.

Not the Only Building Affected

if you are thinking that the library is the only building affected by the development of Jurong Lake District, then you are wrong.

The Former French-Singapore Institute located at 12 Science Centre Road, the German-Singapore Institute located at 10 Science Centre Road and the Science Centre Singapore’s expansion (The Annexe) are the three other buildings making way for new developments and roads.

In total, the removal of these buildings will add five development plots of about 1 to 1.5ha each.

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Featured Image: nlb.gov.sg & archdaily.com