218 NTU Students Have to Retake Exams As Someone Uploaded Them in Their Learning Platform

Just imagine finishing the final test for a module and you feel relieved that you have gotten rid of one of the many modules that you are expected to study.

Then all of a sudden, the school makes an announcement that you have to retake the exam because of a question paper leak.

Readers: Damn, what a bummer.

This was exactly what happened to 218 second-year psychology students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

The Question Paper Leak

On 7 November at 9.30am, the final test for HP2200, Biological Psychology, was conducted in two different settings. While most students took the test at the lecture theatre, those who had COVID-19 took it online.

The question paper was leaked on NTU Blackboard, the university’s online learning platform, 20 minutes prior to the test.

Not the First Case of Academic Misconduct:

Well ever since COVID-19 made its “glorious presence” in Singapore, many university exams in Singapore were shifted online.

Some students had put their brains into circumventing the software that locked their computer from being able to access internet during the exam instead of studying for it.

According to TODAYonline, university students who cheat at examinations may be happening more often than not going by interviews it conducted in April this year.

The students told that it was easier to cheat at the start because the university had to set up tests online for the many students with such a short period of time.

However, with the universities putting up extra safeguards such as requiring students to turn on their web cameras and use software to prevent them from changing tabs to google the answers.

Yet, there were still some geniuses that had managed to cheat.

Out of 13 current and recently graduated students TODAYonline interviewed, seven said that they have cheated or helped someone do so over the past two years.

All of the students and recent graduates spoke to TODAYonline on the condition of anonymity

If there were already this many who confessed it to media, imagine how many of them have actually cheated. 

As for NTU, only a small number of exams were held online during the pandemic. For those that were, “additional controls were introduced to deter cheating” such as real-time monitoring via a second device.

Imagine one of these students becomes your doctor in future. 

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