OnlyFans Content Creator Slammed for Mocking Cashier & Criticizing S’pore


What’s the similarity between someone who walks past a smoker and a tourist who takes to the internet to insult the country that he visits?

They both get smoked. 

A Romanian tourist by the Tiktok handle Ucancallmehubby has vividly expressed his disgust towards Singapore online in a viral video, and netizens aren’t fond of it. 

The man, Mario, is said to be a creator on the Onlyfans platform. In light of this incident, the only fans that he’s going to be having are those that blow him away. 

Ucancallmehubby’s Scent Sentiments

The first problem raised by Mario was the lack of smoking areas. “Where the f*** should I smoke, where?” 

Adding on he criticised that “it smells terrible everywhere, like garbage”. 

Lastly, he brought up that people in the nation “don’t use perfume”, saying that “you’ve to walk a few miles to find a good perfume.”


Isn’t it ironic to advocate for smoking and good smells at the same time? It’s like me going to McDonald’s and saying I want to lose weight: you can’t satisfy both needs at the same time. 


When you think of Singapore, you think of a clean and green garden city: lush, vibrant, conducive. Whatever she is, she’s definitely not “dirty as f***”. 

In Mario’s vulgarity-laden rant, he insulted Singapore’s image by accusing that “(we) pretend (we) have a f****** clean country”, but in fact “the country isn’t clean, it’s dirty as f***.” 

Directing the camera towards the Singapore River, he ridiculed the colour of the water in not only the river but the entire nation, saying that “All the rivers and lakes are this colour, and the sea is exactly the same colour.”


According to a Time Out Index survey in 2021, Singapore was voted the cleanest and greenest city. So much for “dirty as f***”.

Racist Ridiculing

If you thought that was the end of it, you’re wrong. 

The last thing done by this man was the mocking of accent and head movements of an Indian 7-Eleven cashier. 

Mario was upset that he had been given menthol instead of the slim cigarettes that he wanted. On video, he mimicked the replies of the cashier with contemptuous head shakes. 

While still shaking his head, he proclaimed, “Thank God I’m leaving Singapore tomorrow because I’m going to have a mental breakdown.”

Backlash and Aftermath

Undoubtedly, he faced heated backlash.

Some lambasted him for his comments while others expressed relief that he was heading back to his nation. In a stitch to the original clip, a user even replied “if you think Singapore stinks, seems like you stink, your attitude stinks.”

“You guys are many years behind europe!” he mocked, replying to the netizens.

Upon further investigation, however, Mario apparently once had love for this nation. In a clip in May, he proclaimed his love for Singapore at the Palawan beach in Sentosa while enjoying the time there with company. 

Well, I guess love is complicated?


You can watch the video here (the original video has been removed but of course…nothing ever gets removed completely from the Internet):


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