Sim Lim Square Reportedly Going Through a Revamp to be a 24-Hour Dining & Entertainment Hub


For night owls, overpriced Haidilao and crowded karaoke studios dotting the nation might be the only oven that bakes our cookies in the late hours (or rather, early hours) of the day. 

Those that prefer to go out late at night instead of staying home and bingeing Netflix either have to empty their wallets or settle for less in terms of food and entertainment. 

That is, until now, at least. 

Sim Lim Square is Opening 24-hour Shops in 2023

35-year-old Sim Lim Square is known by many as the hub that offers everything electronic. 

The mall management has recently revealed plans for the mall to offer 24-hour shops that provide dining, entertainment and more.

Actually, plans for the transformation had begun even before COVID-19, but were paused because of it. 

As of now, renovation works are underway and we could expect the 24-hour shops to be up and running by next year. This would make Sim Lim Square the first mall in the nation with such a business model. 

24-hour business model

As the world becomes more tech-y, physical stores become more tacky. 

Thus, in order to maintain its competitiveness, the management has ventured into adopting a 24-hour business model, which originates from China. 

This innovative transformation would allow various types of stores to operate concurrently, and not restrict the mall to be gadget-centric. 

So, how would a store run?


A shop could offer brunch to customers from 9am to 4pm, then dinner from 4pm to 9pm. Afterwards, it would turn into an entertainment spot from 9pm to 1am, and finally a supper place from 1am to 5am. 

This all seems quite convoluted. Long story short, Sim Lim Square is open for you any time. 

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Retaining Its Roots While Moving Forward

For the tech junkies and gamers, don’t fret. The Sim Lim Square that satisfies our tech needs will still be there. 

The lower levels of the mall will still have electronic retail stores, and most of the 24-hour stores will be found on the fifth and sixth level.

You can still go there to find the latest computer processors and gaming equipment. Same same, but different.

If the plan bears fruits, the management predicts that the same transformation could be done to the third and fourth floors. 

Sim Lim Square has been around for 35 years. Hopefully, taking this leap into transformation can help it stay for 35 more years.

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