KFC S’pore Now Has Mac ‘N Cheese Kentaco, a Taco Made With Lots of Calories

If you are an avid fan of fried chicken as well as the classic mac and cheese dish, KFC has just launched the perfect meal for you!

All-New Mac ‘N Cheese Kentaco

Just yesterday (26 Apr), KFC announced on its Facebook page that it would be launching a new item — the Mac ‘N Cheese Kentaco.

Image: KFC Singapore

Since Sunday (24 Apr), the fried chicken restaurant had been teasing chicken-lovers of the all-new addition to its menu.

Well, the wait is finally over, because the Mac ‘N Cheese Kentaco is available for purchase both in-stores and on KFC Delivery from today onwards!

No Vegetables At All

However, if you are expecting the conventional Mexican dish, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Because the Mac ‘N Cheese puts a delectable twist on the original recipe, with a piece of thick chicken fillet serving as the taco shell instead of the usual floured ones.

Fried-chicken lovers will be excited to find that the chicken fillet is marinated and hand-breaded with KFC’s Hot & Crispy recipe, slit open and fried to golden perfection to form a ‘U’ shape taco shell.

Unlike the previously launched four-cheese Kentaco that included lettuce and tomatoes, this Mac ‘N Cheese Kentaco does not contain any vegetables.

It is instead stuffed with mayonnaise, a delicious scoop of Mac ‘N Cheese, and topped with shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Put it all together and you get a meal that’s fitting of KFC’s familiar jingle — finger lickin’ good!

Priced at $6.95, it is surely a sinful delight, because with all that meat and cheese, and no healthy greens at all, you will definitely be packing on the calories.

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Golden Cheddar Wedges

To make the meal even more calorie-filled, you can pair the Mac ‘N Cheese Kentaco with the new Golden Cheddar Wedges.

Image: KFC Singapore

Perfect for those who think there’s no such thing as too much cheese, these potato wedges are coated with a generous sprinkle of cheddar cheese on top.

These can be purchased as an add-on for an additional S$3.40 or as an à la carte item for S$4.95.

Make It a Meal

Want more than just the two dishes? Simply make it a meal.

The Mac ‘N Cheese Kentaco meal comes with a serving of Golden Cheddar Wedges and a regular Pepsi Black, priced at $8.95.

Another option is the Mac ‘N Cheese Kentaco box which is priced at $10.95 and includes a piece of chicken, three pieces of nuggets, a regular whipped potato and a regular Pepsi Black.

Head to your nearest KFC to try the saliva-inducing Kentaco or order it online now!

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Featured Image: Facebook (KFC Singapore)