KFC S’pore Trolls Netizens & Wins the Internet

Just last week, KFC Britain showed why it’s the boss when it posted a ‘FCK’ ad in the midst of a literal National Chicken Crisis.

Image: Twitter/ Andrew Bloch

You can read more about that here.

But as it turns out…

Our own KFC’s pretty cool too.

Huh… how sia?

So KFC Singapore posted a Facebook update on 25 Feb, alongside this image:

Image: KFC Facebook Page

The post’s captioned: If you could have anything (we mean ANYTHING) in your KFC Zinger… what would it be?#StretchYourImagination.

Image: KFC Facebook Page

Netizens stepped up

It was obvious; KFC issued a ‘challenge’, and Singaporeans took it.

Image: KFC Singapore

Now, I’m normally a pretty chill guy, but even I had to admit:

But here’s the thing:

KFC’s totally game for it. 

Image: KFC Singapore Facebook Page

The caption read: “Remember to clock in your avo-cardio afterwards! #StretchYourImagination

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Whoa, what? I gotta admit; the amount of photoshop in the image is so damn high the monstrosity actually looks palatable!

And it wasn’t the only witty reply either.

“Make it big,” someone commented.

And KFC complied.

Image: KFC Singapore
Image: KFC Singapore

Here are the other ones that definitely deserve a mention!

Image: KFC Singapore
Image: KFC Singapore
Image: KFC Singapore Facebook Page

Though to be fair, even the great KFC Singapore was stumped at this:

Image: KFC Singapore Facebook Page

To which the fast food chain replied with the gif of Gordon Ramsay saying, “What?”

And this too.

Image: KFC Singapore Facebook Page

But then again; who can possibly answer that? Right, KFC? 😉

You can be a part of it too!

Have ideas of your own? Hit KFC up at this link!

Who knows; you might just earn your very own KFC-exclusive special made burger!

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Featured image: KFC Singapore Facebook Page