In M’sia KFC, There’s Salted Egg Fried Chicken. Boleh Lah

Look, KFC Singapore, no offence here but…

KFC Malaysia, in my sincere opinion, tastes way better.

For one, their chicken actually tastes fresh.

For two, it’s arguably cheaper.

And for three, they’ve got this:



Yeah, honest to goodness salted egg fried chicken.

Like, really.

Golden Crunch


Called the KFC Golden Egg Crunch, the limited-time special is paired with the restaurant’s signature Hot & Spicy Chicken, and is made with a special blend of salted eggspicy chili, curry leaves and sweet basil.


Customers can enjoy the 2-pc combo at RM 14.50 (approx. SGD 5) and the 3-pc combo at RM 18.60 (approx. SGD 6.20).


Additionally, they can choose to top up RM 2.90 for a salted caramel vanilla pudding.

Talk about a smacking good meal.

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Image: Meme anyone?

It’s a hit

According to QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd Restaurant Division chief executive officer Merrill Pereyra, the latest flavour was a “real hit among Malaysians”.

“We’ve taken it up a notch by giving it a ‘KFC twist’, to make it more distinctive and flavourful for everyone to enjoy,” he said.

KFC Singapore

For the love of sugar, spice and salted egg nice, please, please, make this a reality in Singapore.

Because if there’s any delicacy that will make me sprint to the nearest KFC outlet this very min…

It’s this.

Image: Imgflip

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