Kia’s New Logo Looks So Much Like KN, People Are Googling ‘KN Car’ When There’s a New Kia Car


Last Updated on 2024-03-21 , 12:26 pm

Many Singaporeans would be familiar with Kia, a South Korean multinational automobile manufacturer.

To put things into perspective, Kia sold over 2.8 million vehicles worldwide in 2019.

So yes, many people own Kia cars.

However, if you are not the proud owner of a Kia, you might not immediately recognize its revamped logo.

In fact, many people don’t.

Revamped Kia logo

Here is the old logo:

Image: 1000logos

Here is the new logo:

Image: repairerdrivennews

In early 2021, Kia began using a revamped logo described by some as “angular” and “crooked”. The new logo comprises of an “I” and an oblique “A”.

Simply put, the new Kia logo looks like a “K” and “N” or “KN” to many people.

To me, it looks like Kia ran out of space and decided to squish all the letters together.

The new logo’s implication? Many people seem to think there there’s a new car brand, “KN” judging from the many web searches for “KN car”.

An ad agency owner, Ashwinn Krishnaswamy, took to Twitter to share that there are at least 30,000 web searches for “KN car” each month.

Twitter users responded to the tweet saying that the new Kia logo would be more legible if there was a detachment in the “K” and “A” where it meets the “I”.

While other users commented that the rebranding must have cost Kia “millions”.

More Twitter users have also chimed in with similar thoughts on the new logo.


One Twitter user, Alex Garcia, shared how he would capitalize on the fact that so many people are googling “KN car”.

Here are some of his suggestions on what Kia should do:

  • Create short films around it’s new mission and logo
  • Create a parody around the confusion between “KN” and “Kia”
  • Create a music video or song with a K-Pop group about the rebrand since Kia is from South Korea

Read the full thread here.

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That said, if so many people are googling “KN car”, that has to mean that Kia’s latest cars are very stylish looking, right?


I certainly think so.

Here are photos of the sleek looking Kia Sonet and Seltos.

Image: Kia
Image: Kia

If you saw it on the road prior to reading this article, would you google “KN car” too?

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