Man So Triggered That He Couldn’t Use PayNow to Pay for his Cigs, He Spat at Shopowner


What can cigarette packs do to you?

According to the graphic images on the packaging themselves, you can suffer health effects such as lung damage and heart disease. 

Besides the health risks, did you know that you can get spat on over a pack of cigarettes? 

Yes, spat on. 

Man So Triggered That He Couldn’t Use PayNow to Pay for his Cigs, He Spat at Shopowner

On Saturday (10 December), a man spat on the owner of a grocery store over a simple pack of cigarettes. 


Beer in hand, the strong dark-skinned man walked into a grocery store in Block 332 of Ang Mo Kio Road. 


He asked for a pack of cigarettes and opted to pay by PayNow.

Unfortunately, the transaction did not go through for some reason, and the owner didn’t pass over the cigarettes. 

Getting heated, the customer shouted and made threats to the owner. In the end, he spat on the owner. 

The man has since been arrested. 

Breakdown of The Incident

The owner provided his recount of the incident to Shin Min Daily News

At first, the owner’s wife was operating the shop while the owner was resting upstairs. 

The man couldn’t decide on what brand of puffs he wanted, prompting the lady to provide him with some recommendations. 

Eventually, he settled on a box and opted to use PayNow. 

When he couldn’t complete the transaction, he started raising his voice at the 5-month pregnant lady. 

Since she couldn’t speak English well, she called her husband for help. 

As Mr Lee (the owner) arrived, he heard shouting and smelt alcohol on the man. He also noticed that he wasn’t able to stand properly. 

Mr Lee asked him to calm down but to no avail. Left with no choice, Mr Lee refused to sell anything to the man and asked him to leave. 

Like an awakened bear, the man started to get physical. 


“Don’t think I don’t dare to hit you. I can kill you with one punch,” he threatened.

While calling the police, the grocer returned the cigarettes to the shelf. 

As if the threats weren’t enough, Mr Aggressive proceeded to spit on the owner before leaving the store. 

Mr Lee asked his wife to take a photo as evidence and followed the man to a nearby Kopitiam. 


The man tried to buy a beer at the coffee shop using PayNow again but failed. 

We can only wonder if the Kopitiam uncle also got saliva on him.

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Under Alcohol, Under Arrest

The 31-year-old man has since been arrested. 

Under Section 14(2)(b) of the Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Act 2015, for causing annoyance while drunk, he can be imprisoned for up to six months and/or fined up to  $1,000 for each count of the offence. 


Remember, if the thought of smoking leaves you drooling, it’s fine.

Just try not to leave your saliva on other people.

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