KK Hospital Looking for Pregnant Woman Who Claimed She Suffered a Miscarriage After Waiting for 4 Hours


After news spread about how a patient in NUH’S A&E waited for two hours and lost her baby, another mishandling of pregnancy case has come to light, though it’s unknown if it really happened.

One woman claimed that she waited for four hours to be treated at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), and lost her baby.

KKH is now looking for the woman after they weren’t able to match her account to their case files. Here’s what allegedly happened.

KKH Allegedly Denied Her Treatment Because of COVID-19 Positive Status

The 20-week pregnant mother tested positive for COVID-19 through an antigen rapid test at end-February. On 28 February, the day of her emergency, she had several COVID-19 symptoms and severe abdominal pains.

She went to her registered hospital in the morning, but was denied treatment as she’s COVID-19 positive. The same thing happened at another private hospital.

She was instructed to go to KKH, as the “Infectious Disease Gynae” was only available there. The pregnant lady reached KKH at around 2pm, where she was allegedly denied treatment as well.

Bleeding Profusely While Waiting At Drop-Off Area 

The pregnant mother and her husband apparently pleaded with the hospital, saying that they’ve been denied treatment at other hospitals. She was then instructed to wait at the drop-off area for a doctor to attend to her.

At around 5pm or three hours later, the woman was bleeding profusely but still had to wait another 20 minutes before a nurse attended to her.

She was supposedly asked to urinate in a cup while still bleeding, as the hospital needed a sample.

By the time she bled through her dress, the woman was finally being transferred to a bed. However, she said she knew she was losing her baby by that point in time.

Pushed Baby Out By Herself After Being Told Ultrasound Not Necessary

A doctor saw the woman at 6pm, but then left after saying that a senior doctor was needed because of the bleeding.


Before he left, the woman asked the doctor if she needed to do an ultrasound scan. To her horror, the doctor allegedly told her, “No need ultrasound, the baby is probably dead, this is too much bleeding.”

The woman then understandably started to cry, and while bawling her eyes out, the baby suddenly came out of her. While she was alone in the room. 

It took another 10 to 20 minutes of her screaming and crying before someone came into the room, saw what happened, and rushed her out.

The woman said she passed out at one point, and when she woke up, was told that she suffered a miscarriage.

Foetus Dumped Together with Medical Waste

The woman asked the staff if she could have the foetus to give her baby a proper burial. She was told she’ll need a funeral home to contact KKH before passing it along for proper handling.

Her husband made the arrangements right away, but in the end, the foetus had allegedly “been out through medical waste”.

Placenta Wasn’t Fully Expunged

After being discharged with paracetamol, the lady finally tested negative at the end of the week.

She immediately went to her gynaecologist and found out through an ultrasound that the placenta wasn’t fully removed… So it was literally rotting inside her the entire time.

Turns out, the previous doctors at KKH allegedly didn’t do their jobs properly, which led to this lady needing to go through another surgery to clean everything up.


KKH: Unable To Identify Patient, Clarifies Hospital’s Procedures

Professor Tan Hak Koon, the chairman of the Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) at KKH, said that the hospital is aware of this incident that allegedly happened at its Urgent O&G Centre.

In an interview with The Straits Times, he said that despite their best efforts, the hospital is unable to identify the patient based on what’s publicly available.

“There appear to be discrepancies between the story and the bill information shared online.”

Professor Tan also said that KKH does not turn away patients in need of medical care. At the UOGC, a 24-hour walk-in centre for women with O&G emergencies, patients are attended to based on severity and urgency of condition.

Patients with the highest levels of urgency will be attended to immediately. Meanwhile, patients in the middle level usually won’t have to wait for more than 30 minutes.

Patients at risk of a miscarriage will also rest on a wheelchair or trolley, and be transferred to a monitoring area if necessary. Their vital signs should also be monitored.


As for the claim that the woman’s foetus was discarded as medical waste, Professor Tan shared that the hospital’s procedure allows the patent to claim the foetus. If not, the hospital’s mortuary would bury or cremate it.

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Calls for Woman to Contact KKH

Citing concerns about the well-being of the woman who shared her story, Professor Tan is calling for her to contact the hospital at [email protected].

KKH hopes to address her concerns and provide her with the necessary support.

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