Man Who Didn’t Pay in First Date in a Restaurant Has Responded & It Gets Uglier


Lest you’re not aware, Singaporeans are now talking about a viral story about a restaurant meal between two people, whereby both expected the other party to pay for their meal on the first date, but both left without paying.

The woman has since apologised and paid her half of the bill, but the man is hell-bent on refusing to pay for his share.

Here’s how he responded, and spoiler alert: it only gets uglier from here.

Assumed Woman Offered Meal As A Treat

For those not caught up with the drama, a couple who met online had their first date at Pa Bul Lo Korean BBQ restaurant on 15 March.

They ordered $269.55 worth of food, and both parties refused to pay, insisting that the other party said they would pay.

The Serangoon Gardens eatery has since received half the bill from the woman, who had sincerely apologised to the owner. However, the man, Mr Jung, still isn’t paying up.

Mr Jung insisted that the woman had offered the meal as a treat, after standing him up a few times. He said that the lady ordered an expensive beef set, which made him think that she was sorry for postponing the date and was thus treating him.

I mean, I guess that’s one way to read into a beef set… If she ordered another beef set, does that mean she wants to be his girlfriend?

In an interview with The Straits Times, he revealed that after the pair had finished eating, he said, “Thanks for the dinner”. He then went outside to wait while she went to the washroom.

Thinking that the lady had paid, he said goodbye when she came out of the restaurant, and they went their own ways.

Woman Was Apologetic, But Man Laughed At Owners?

Mdm Karen Ho, the owner of the restaurant, told the couple that she had filed a police report and also tried to pursue the matter at Small Claims Tribunals.

The lady had since paid her half of the bill on 19 March, telling the owner that Mr Jung had offered to pay as he felt bad for leaving the restaurant multiple times to answer calls.

Mdm Ho told The Straits Times that she believes the woman, as she was very apologetic.

Mr Jung, on the other hand, doesn’t seem trustworthy. Mdm Ho and her husband contacted Mr Jung to ask him for payment nicely, but he laughed at the owners. When hearing that they’ll file a police report, Mr Jung apparently told them to “go call the police”.

However, when asked about this phone call, Mr Jung said that he tried to explain the situation, but the owners refused to listen and told him to talk to the police. He then waited for the police to contact him, but the owners called again and said they’ll be suing him as this is a civil case.

Feeling like he didn’t do anything wrong, Mr Jung then told the owners to sue him.


Well, both sides of the story definitely doesn’t match up, with Mdm Ho’s side painting him as arrogant and infuriating while Mr Jung made it seem like the owners are the unreasonable ones.

But honestly, even if you expected the other party to pay, is it that big of a deal to just pay your share?

Filed Police Report, Contacted Lawyer

After contacting Mr Jung on 16 March, Mdm Ho made a police report, which then directed her to Small Claims Tribunals.

However, Small Claims Tribunals couldn’t pursue the case as she didn’t have the couple’s full names, addresses and NRICs. Mdm Ho then heeded her daughter’s advice to contact law firm I.R.B Law.

On 23 March, a lawyer from the firm contacted Mdm Ho, and said that he’ll send Mr Jung a letter of demand.


Can Pay Easily, But Won’t Let Woman “Get Away’?

Mdm Ho expressed her thanks to the woman for at least paying her half of the bill, and said that if the man is really willing to pay, he should personally apologise and make payment.

Responding to this, Mr Jung said that he “can pay easily”. But he feels like he “should not let the woman get away with this”.

Which makes us think: uh, get away with what? Both of them didn’t communicate on who should pay the bill, so it seems like both were at fault for this situation.

Mr Jung also revealed that ever since the incident went viral, he has been receiving calls and messages from strangers on social media. The restaurant has apparently also wrote to his company to get him to pay his share.

A stranger also allegedly called his ex-wife, and referred her to a YouTube page with videos of their infant son. The caller mentioned their son, and told his ex-wife to remind him to pay the bill.

Well, it’s not like his date had asked the Internet to stalk him. In fact, she seems to be distancing herself from this entire affair: after paying her half of the bill, she asked Mdm Ho to not reveal any details of her and to not contact her again.


Honestly, the solution is simple: just pay the bill. But it seems like Mr Jung is going to drag this all the way to court.

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First Encounter with Non-Paying Customers

Mdm Ho has worked in the food and beverage sector for 25 years, but this is her first time meeting customers who refuse to pay.

Many people have since offered to pay for the man, given that Mdm Ho runs a small business and shouldn’t have to incur a loss like that. But she resolutely says that nobody should be “paying for the wrongdoings” of the man.

She also thanked everyone for their support, and said that her restaurant has learnt from this lesson to be more careful in the future.



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