The Korean Air Stunt Team Pulled Out Of S’pore Air Show After Their Plane Crashed At Changi Airport


All of you who have been in a performing arts CCA will know this very well: even when one is severely injured, the show must still go on.

When on stage, any incidents are to be ignored. If you have a conductor, all eyes should be on him/her.

Well, this is very much applicable to our daily lives as well.

When we’re all set on our path of life, we shouldn’t be disturbed by any noises or negative people.

This life principle was seen this week at the Singapore Airshow 2018.

On Tuesday (Feb 6), an aircraft crashed and caught fire at the grass verge beside Changi Airport’s Runway 1.

The aircraft was part of The Black Eagles, the Republic of Korea Air Force’s aerobatic team.

Plane crash at Singapore Airshow, Changi Airport

WATCH: The pilot of the South Korean air force plane that crashed at Changi Airport during the #SingaporeAirshow escaped his burning jet with "light injuries".

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Thankfully, the pilot escaped with minor injuries. Flight operations also successfully resumed at Changi Airport.

Since then, The Black Eagles have withdrawn from the programme, according to Channel NewsAsia.

The programme schedule on the official Singapore Airshow website has been updated.


6-8 Feb

Image: Singapore Airshow Website

10 Feb

Image: Singapore Airshow Website

11 Feb

Image: Singapore Airshow Website

The team was supposed to perform alongside other aerobatic teams from countries like Singapore, Malaysia and the US.

If you’re upset that you missed the chance to see The Black Eagles’ performance, here’s a clip of their performance at a media preview last weekend.

What to expect at Singapore Airshow 2018

The Singapore Airshow opens to the public next weekend; here's what you can expect.

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Sunday, 4 February 2018

Hope to see the team again in the next show!

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