A Guy Broke into YouTuber Logan Paul’s House & Charged his Phone. Priorities, Man.

The sky is blue, the grass is green, in other news, Logan Paul’s in the scene. Again.

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But don’t worry, it’s not something particularly scandalous or horrific this time.

Rather, he’s actually the victim here.

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Well, given his track record in recent weeks, it might be kinda hard to believe.

But apparently, that’s exactly what happened.

So what happened?

According to Buzzfeed, someone broke into Youtuber Logan Paul’s multimillion-dollar estate on Tuesday (6 Feb).

Tahj Deondre Speight, 20, reportedly entered through an unlocked front door, and was charging his cell phone when he was discovered by the man himself.

Logan then went on to execute a citizen’s arrest, detaining the intruder in the living room of his $6.55 million Encino estate.


Speight has since been charged with trespassing, and is currently held in lieu of a $4,000 bail sum. A court hearing has not been schedule yet.

Incidentally, Paul often features his seven-bedroom house, which includes a pool and koi pond, in his vlogs. In fact, it was the backdrop for his comeback video, following a three-week break from vlogging.

Image: Logan Paul Vlogs

Hair routine

While the arrest was no doubt intriguing, Netizens found other stuff to talk about, from Logan’s house to his hair routine.

Image: Buzzfeed


I guess redemption is a long journey.

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Nevertheless, keep doing what you do, Logan, and things should work out just fine.

But of course, keep clear of certain lines.

Because one might just end your career.


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