Lady Asked for Free Make-up Artist but When MUA Rejects Politely, Lady Calls MUA ‘Arrogant’

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It’s almost common for people to ask for free service online.

Okay, that sounds a little too harsh here, so let me try again: it’s very common for people to engage another person’s service and pay with “exposure” instead of cash, because exposure is important: they bring in more cash in the near future. Think long term, my friend.

There, much better.

It’s so common, we’ve got so used to it that we don’t feel anything when such request comes – after all, it’s yet another email, or yet another call.

Our only concern is that some people tend not to mention about the remuneration being in ‘exposure’ instead of something that can pay the bills, and deliberately choosing to remain ambiguous until a meet-up.

But it’s fine, it’s all work.

Turns out someone has upped the game.

Daisy Wong is a make-up artist, and lest you’re like the lady who asked for free service (let’s call her Self-Entitled Lady, or SET for short) there, here’s something you’ve got to know: getting someone to help you do make-up professionally requires money. I know some of you must be thinking, “I also know how to do make-up what,” but here’s the thing: you also know how to take photograph with your Samsung what, why get a photographer for your wedding dinner?

To sum it all up, you want someone’s time, you pay for it.

So. SET decided to ask Daisy for a “collaboration”. Now here’s the part when “ambiguity” comes in, but Daisy specifically cleared it by providing the cost after knowing that the photographer is paid (remember this point clearly).

Wah. I re-read Daisy Wong’s replies two thousand times and I still don’t find her arrogant. Unless those vomit emojis are real?

But anyway, moving on.


Wait, didn’t SET mention explicitly that the photographer is paid? Why the roti prata?


Now, something is very weird here. What has nationality got to do with this?

Anyway, I guess the CS SET is referring to is Counter-Strike, right? Why would a person like Daisy, who has been very professional in her replies to handle even the nastiest customers, need to learn Counter-Strike?

Before you go, Oh, another saga of a self-entitled person, hold your horses. There’s even more.

Remember how the photographer turns from paid to unpaid? There’s apparently a reason for this.


You see, SET won a giveaway, and the giveaway is a one-hour photography shoot and balloons, which in totality is worth $350.

Image: Facebook (Annabel Law)

After learning about SET’s story, the organizer decided not to give the giveaway to SET. Guess someone is going to call another person arrogant again, no?

In other words, it’s true that the photographer is paid, and it’s also true that the photographer isn’t paid. It depends on who you ask.

But essentially, it’s absolutely certain that SET wants everything to be free. If it’s not free, you arrogant.


Let’s even up the game: if it’s not free, you all CB lah.

I wonder what’s going to happen if Daisy provides the service for free. Would SET take a bus and expect free transport because ‘exposure”?

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