Lambo is Having a SUV & It Costs Just $1m

Anyone who knows me knows that I have zero interest in cars and it extends to driving to boot.

I hate it so much that I decided to stop my driving lessons even though it was already paid for—I was about 5 lessons away from my TP.

Heck, when I heard that the government is going to stop adding new cars onto the road by next year Feb, I was head over heels.


So when I was told to cover this car story, my knees were weak (not in a good way) and I started to panic.

Coz’ the only car brands I know of are Bentley and Lamborghini, all thanks to the rap music I have been listening to when I go for my run.


So the latter is the main star of the day.


Jumping on the supercar bandwagon, Lamborghini unveiled a brand new car called Urus SUV on Monday at its headquarters—Sant’Agata, Italy, ABC News reported.

Image: The Associated Press

Fun fact: The moniker of the SUV is derived from one of the large, wild ancestors of domestic cattle.



The styling of the car is traditional, in the sense that it follows the aesthetics of the brand’s sports car range.

Typically SUVs only have one door but the Urus has an extra set of doors, so you won’t be able to have a dramatic entry and exit. #justsaying

Engine power


For the car geeks, I mean enthusiasts, you would be pleased to know that the Urus can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds—faster than you can say “woah!” It can go up to a maximum speed of 305 km/h and they even said that it “is the fastest SUV in the world”.


This is what all car aficionados want to know—what is the price?

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I guess they would know by now that they have a very expensive hobby.

But before that, there is no exact date when it will be available in Singapore, but I am sure in due time, you can see one on the highway by next year.

So back to the price, in the US, it is estimated that it will go for $200,000.

So, if it is $200,000 in USD, it will be $269,562 SGD.

But hey, with all the extra cost such as road tax, ERP, petrol, parking and insurance, be prepared to fork out at least a million. #justsaying

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