Landlord In East Coast Condo Allegedly Suddenly Threw Tenants Out After 5 Days & Even Got Violent


If Singapore had the idea to run a television show on landlords from hell, the island will never run out of guests as this week we have yet another troublesome boomer that has made life hell for a young couple in Singapore.

Call for Help Made On the Internet 

In a Facebook post, Terrane Tham, who’s involved with the landlord, asked for advice on how him and his wife can take legal action against their landlord.

The story begins when Tham and his wife had found the room listing via Carousel and was referred by an agent who goes by the name Daniel Soh.

It was during the house visit made by the couple to view the room where they first met their landlord, a lady named Ms Chung Mee Yoke. Chung had claimed to be the landlord then and that the couple will be dealing with her from then on.

Troubles Started With A Lie

The couple moved into the room on Sunday (3 April) and was surprised to find out that the air-conditioner was not working even when the landlord had claimed their room was ready for them to move in on Saturday (2 April).

It was only after asking other tenants that the couple found out the air-conditioner was broken for over two months as the landlord tried to find cheap ways to fix it but to no avail. The landlord then informed the couple that the air-conditioner would be fixed only on 24 April.

However later on, the landlord told the couple abruptly that the air-conditioner unit will be fixed on 7 April, Thursday instead.

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As the landlord came down to inform the wife on the sudden change of date, the landlord allegedly made a scene and snatched the condominium key plus contract away from the Tham’s wife.

It was at this point that the landlord demanded the couple to pay up another $100 to get their keys and contract back from her to continue staying at their rented room. At a loss, the wife called Tham and he rushed down from work in a bid to resolve the issue.

Remainder Sum Only Given When Unit Issues Are Solved

Tham felt that the landlord’s request for the additional $100 was ridiculous as all parties had already agreed prior that the remainder sum of $1,600 and $600 will only be given after the landlord had solved the existing issues with the unit.

Beforehand, the couple had already given the landlord a $1,000 deposit.


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At the end of the day, the police had to be called to intervene twice as the landlord proceeded to take the couple’s items out of the room and place them outside.

The first call to the police was made when the landlord threatened to throw the couple’s belongings out while they were absent if Tham and his wife didn’t move out ASAP.

The second call to the police was made after the landlord had accused the couple of stealing a cabinet handle.

Yes, you read that right. A cabinet handle.

In reply to the landlord’s accusations of stealing her precious cabinet handle, Tham said that he had no idea what happened to it and that he will speak to her “in court”.

Throughout this exchange, the landlord rained insults on Tham and his wife. At one point, the landlord proceeded to rummage through the couple’s belongings and turned physically aggressive when Tham tried to stop her from doing so.

Tham has since uploaded the video of the landlord accusing him in his Facebook post. When Tham videoed the landlord for being aggressive, she allegedly also tried to snatch his phone away.

When the landlord had failed to snatch Tham’s phone away, the landlord allegedly tried to punch Tham out of rage and proceeded to accuse Tham of molestation when he stopped her from doing so.

Current Plight of the Couple 

Tham is currently crashing at his parent’s place with his wife. In his post, he is also on the look out for new rooms to rent with air-conditioner, preferably in the central or east region of Singapore.


Bless this couple’s patience in dealing with a landlord from hell like that. 

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Featured Image: Facebook (Terrance Tham)