Australian Who Threw Wine Bottle Down & Killed a 73YO Man Jailed for 5.5 Years


We are always told to think twice before we act and sadly, this wasn’t the case for some as a moment of impulse resulted in an irreplaceable loss for an innocent family.

In 2019, an Australian man by the name of Andrew Gosling had hurled an empty wine bottle from the seventh floor of a condominium lift landing which resulted in the death of a 73-year-old grandfather.

Today (8 April), Gosling has been sentenced to five years and six months in jail for committing a rash act that resulted in the death of a 73-year-old grandpa of nine. Gosling has also pleaded guilty to causing grievous hurt to the victim’s wife.

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What Happened 

Gosling was in Singapore and one month into his job search in the city when he got drunk on 18 August.

As he consumed alcohol, Gosling spotted a group of Malay-Muslims having a gathering at the barbecue area. The deceased and the deceased’s wife was part of the gathering according to The Straits Times.

Upon seeing them, Gosling had thoughts about using a weapon “such as a gun” to shoot the group. However, he dismissed it as he felt it would be a “heinous” act.

Later at 8:30pm, Gosling left his unit to throw rubbish down the condominium’s common rubbish chute.

It was there when Gosling spotted an empty wine bottle and decided to throw the bottle down at the group that had gathered at the barbecue area to “startle” them.

The bottle proceeded to hit the 73-year-old’s deceased head, causing a skull fracture. In the process, the bottle had also ricocheted and ended up hitting the deceased’s wife on her right shoulder.

The 73-year-old deceased man was conveyed to the Singapore General Hospital in an unresponsive state and later passed away the next morning.

Meanwhile, the deceased’s wife had ended up with extensive bruising among other injuries according to TODAYonline.

Aftermath of The Crime 

After receiving his sentence, Gosling’s lawyers had said that Gosling intends to appeal his sentence. Gosling’s parents were present in the court room as well when his sentence was read.

Gosling had also given voluntary compensation to the victims’ family.

The judge also added that this crime committed by Gosling “could have a wider impact of causing unease among the broader Muslim community” in Singapore.

Thus, it was necessary for the sentence given to dispel the unease and disquiet that could start due to Gosling’s offence.

The victim’s 69-year-old wife had also expressed during an earlier hearing that she felt a big loss, especially during the fasting month and family gatherings. The wife also suffers flashbacks of the crime.


For causing grievous injury to any person by a rash act that endangered human life, a person could be punished with a fine up to $10,000 and/or jail term of up to four years.

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