Latest Game Changer: Buying Hell Money…Online

Hi peeps, so the recent craze now is not trending bed bugs but the seventh-month ghost festival.

If you haven’t already known, it has started on 22 August and will last all the way till 19 September.


Pardon me, the seventh-month ghost festival is a little foreign to me because I don’t observe this ‘ceremony’. But don’t get me wrong, I respect people who practice this ritual and I think you might find this article useful.

So, being oblivious to what actually happens, I did some research for you guys.

Hop over to and the first thing that greets you is a question that reads, “Have you purchased your Zhong Yuan Jie stuffs?”


A few definitions to start us off…

As the name suggests, Kim Zua is actually ‘gold paper’ if you just translate it directly. But it is widely understood as ‘hell money’ or money burnt for the friends who have gone before us.

Zhong Yuan Jie (中元节) is also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival. So basically, this online company sells ‘hell money’. I think it’s pretty fascinating, don’t you think so?

You can get your seventh month and Qing Ming essentials there.

Apart from the usual joss sticks and joss paper, they even have packages for you to choose from! It is termed as “economical packages” because they are pretty much value for money.

Here are two examples:

This is $12.


And this is slightly pricier, at $40.


And that’s not all!

There’s FREE delivery for orders above $100! So since this festival is celebrated once a year, why not get something of more quality?

How’s this?


It’s $128. There are various packages, the most expensive being $1288.

I guess it’s really up to the individual… if you want your ghost friends to have a ‘better’ life in hell? Then get the more expensive one!

You can go over to their website or Facebook page to find out more!

Happy shopping. 😉

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