TODAY’s Hungry Ghost Festival Photos Are So Chio You’d Think They’re For Instagram

Think you’re familiar with the terms ‘Artistic‘, ‘Instagram-worthy’ and ‘So nice we gotta write an article about it‘?

Think again.

TODAY published a series of photos revolving around the Hungry Ghost Festival 2017 just yesterday, and our Goody Feed team couldn’t help but rave about them.

Nice doesn’t even begin to describe it.

It’s hauntingly beautiful.

Just check the photos out for yourself.


The scenery, lighting and angle all look top-notch. If I not so pantang (Hokkien for superstitious), this is going onto my Instagram feed for sure.


If you are not aware of the origin of this picture, you’d think, who’s that guy? What are they doing?

And you start to ignore those nagging questions and just admire the dark silhouettes highlighted by the blazing fire.


There are pictures of burning houses, and there are pictures of burning houses.


Okay, fine, I can’t be poetic about every picture but that composition. #NotAMapoti #NigaHigaFansWillUnderstand


Anyone else feels like we have all taken a shot like this before? Maybe during lunch or dinner?


Something about this picture just clicks with you, whether it’s the dark, ominous vibe, or the fact that the smoke slowly fans out to illuminate the image.


This is probably the most liked picture within the Goody Feed circle.

Aside from the pleasing symmetry, the shot stretches into the far distance, lending it a mysterious and subtly wondrous vibe that every photographer would be proud of.

Oh, and guys, I think we shall call Lim Chu Kang cemetery the latest Instagram-worthy spot that’s not for the fainthearted. #OnlyDuringHungryGhostFestival

What Think

If you take away the sombre occasion, gravestones and ‘props’, you can be sure that at least five out of ten pictures here would make it to some photo-shooting contest.

Such is the quality and direction of the images taken. TODAY, can teach me also?

And it’s not just that too. The pictures get you thinking, like who’s that guy? What are they feeling? You know, little things like that.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.

I finally see why.

Kudos, TODAY! Your photos not only successfully captured the ambience of the actual occasion but also captivated us.

And guess what? This isn’t their only picture-exclusive article as well! They recently did one for the SEA Games 2017 and some pictures just blew me away.


TODAY gives you wings.


There’s a reason why he got a gold medal, y’know. Jowen Lim, remember that name.




Some Trivia For You Readers

The Hungry Ghost Festival started on 22 August 2017 and will last all the way till 19 September 2017.

During this period of time, the Chinese believe that the deceased come back to the living world to visit their family members, while the forever-alone souls will eat and seek entertainment.

In turn, the living will pay respects to the deceased by offering sacrifices.

There have also been ‘stories’ that happen during this time period. Whether it’s true or not is really up to anyone’s guess.

But I don’t think I will risk it.

Would you?

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