Jay Chou-Endorsed Liang Sandwich Bar Reportedly Closed All Outlets in S’pore Quietly


When Liang Sandwich Bar, endorsed by Jay Chou, first made its way into Singapore, people went crazy.

Image: 8days

Unfortunately, if you’ve not yet tried it for yourself, you can’t get it in Singapore anymore.

Notice Liang Sandwich Bar Shuttered Up

According to 8Days, they discovered the Liang Sandwich Bar at Northpoint City shuttered up.

Seeing as the signboard of the outlet was still there, they figured that the closure was pretty recent.

And it wasn’t just the outlet at Northpoint City.

8Days reported that all Liang Sandwich Bar outlets in Singapore have closed. And nobody knew about it.

Their Facebook page also didn’t mention any closure with the latest post in Oct 2019.

When they tried contacting the franchise owner, they couldn’t get a response.


Similarly, Hungrygowhere and DanielFoodDiary listed the outlets as closed.

liang sandwich bar listed as close
Image; HungryGoWhere via Mothership.sg

Not The Only Notable Closure

Is it strange that they’re pulling the plug so suddenly?

Well, according to 8Days, no.

Because 2020 has seen plenty of shops closing, including Coldstone Creamery and Ronin, an indie cafe.

Nearest Liang Sandwich Bar Outlet In JB

Well, if you’re a fan of the Liang Sandwich Bar scallion pancakes (some say prata), the nearest outlet to Singaporeans would be across the causeway in JB.

Image: iproperty.com.my

According to my colleague, it might be worth going for. Here’s his review:

I won’t blame you if the term “scallion pancake” sounds alien to you: I just knew about this a year ago, too. Basically, just think of it as roti prata, because seriously it tastes almost like a kosong prata.

Liang Sandwich Bar sells scallion pancake sandwich, so it’s essentially kosong prata sandwich with eggs, chicken and whatnot, finished with sauces like a Subway sandwich.

I’ve tried it before and all I can say is that I’ll try it a few thousand times again if I’m as rich as Jay Chou. The “prata” is both fluffy and crispy, and with the sauce that sinks into the prata without being too overpowering, every bite is refreshing and savoury (could be my sauce, but anyways).

It’s like a new way to makan prata, though I’m a tad concern about the calories it carries.

Although I’m a simple person with simple taste, so I think I’ll just find a nice alternative with GoGo Franks.

Or, if I’m in the mood for some Taiwanese food, Nono’s famous fried chicken chain at JEM.

2020 hasn’t been a goody year so far, eh?

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