LiHO Releases Duck Shit Drinks That Purportedly Give You Good Luck

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The two words “duck” and “shit” are not common in most names of beverages.

Let’s be real, who would want to call their drink “shit”, right?

And if someone ever mentions to you the phrase “duck shit”, what would come to your mind immediately?

I would reckon that it could be anything under the sun. But hear this out, a local bubble tea chain has just launched a new drink.

And it’s exactly called “duck shit”. You did not just read that wrongly.

LiHo Duck Shit Tea Allegedly Brings You Luck

As we’ve just ushered in the new year, it’s time to embrace new challenges and try out new things.

LiHo has just launched its new beverages for 2022: Lucky Duck Shit. It’s available across all outlets islandwide from today (13 Jan).

IMAGE: LiHO Singapore

It is supposed to be a direct translation of its Chinese name 鴨屎香 (yā shí xiāng) – which literally means “Duck Shit Fragrance”.

Apparently, legend has it that drinking duck shit tea may give you good luck for the whole year.

Not only so, duck shit tea also has numerous beautifying effects due to its antioxidants.

One of the Most Aromatic Varieties of Oolong Teas

Duck Shit Tea is known to be one of the most aromatic Oolong teas. It can retain its strong and distinct aroma even after multiple brews. The clear yellow-orange tea also has a strong floral fragrance.

So no, it’s not supposed to smell or taste like duck shit.

Who created this abstract name then?

Rumour has it that the farmer behind duck shit did not want anyone to discover the secret to his cultivation. Traditionally, teas from a particular mountain will produce extraordinary characteristics. To that note, he purposely gave it an unassuming name.

Yah, LiHO didn’t come out with it lah.

Three drinks to the series

Just Duck Shit

IMAGE: LiHO Singapore

The premium oolong tea has an aroma of honeysuckle, jasmine, and gardenia. It also consists of mild fruity notes.

Duck Shit Grapefruitea

IMAGE: LiHO Singapore

Honestly, this looks the most appetising out of the three drinks at first glance.

This drink combines the tea base with grapefruit. Overall, customers would be able to expect a floral fruity flavour.

Sounds refreshing indeed.

Oh and to pearl lovers, you are in luck!


The drink is topped off with white pearl which gives you that firm bite you desire with every sip.

Duck Shit Snow Mountain

IMAGE: LiHO Singapore

This drink merges the natural floral notes of the tea with the richness of the milk. Whipped cream with a dash of soybean powder will also be sprinkled.

The overall flavour profile should be subtly creamy.

It’s time to get shitty.


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