Llaollao Having Black Charcoal Froyo in all Outlets from Now Till 29 Nov

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The charcoal craze, which took over the world a few years ago, is still going strong, and can be found in eateries all over Singapore.

One restaurant I recently visited for lunch even had a “Charcoal Squid Ink Pasta”, which was so confusing I ended up not eating at all that day.

But in other foods, such as burgers, macaroons, waffles, and macaroons, the black hue is certainly eye-catching.

This time, the charcoal craze has found its way to the unlikeliest of foods and the whitest of desserts: froyo. 

Llaollao Having Black Charcoal Froyo in all Outlets from Now Till 29 Nov

Tried the durian burger and think you’ve seen it all? Think again.

For a limited time only, Spanish frozen yogurt franchise Llaollao is offering customers a cup of charcoal froyo in celebration of Black Friday.

And when I say limited time, I mean four days, from today (26 Nov) till Sunday (29 Nov).

Now, unlike many charcoal food products that don’t taste any different, this is charcoal-flavoured frozen yoghurt, made with skimmed milk and charcoal powder. So, in addition to the new look, your taste buds will be dancing with anticipation.

Llaollao announced the launch of their darkest creation in a Facebook post:

The good news is that it will cost the same as other froyo products, starting at $4.90 for a small cup:

  • llaoglass: S$4.90
  • sanum: S$6.95
  • Small tub: S$4.90
  • Medium tub: S$5.90
  • Large tub: S$6.90

And it will be available at all of its outlets:

  • Bugis Junction, #01-14
  • City Square Mall, #B1-K8
  • Compass One, #01-46A
  • Great World, #B1-K125
  • IMM Outlet Mall, #01-42
  • Suntec City, #01-312
  • Wisma Atria, #B1-64A
  • Changi Airport T3, Level 2
  • Century Square, B1-36

It will also be available through delivery on platforms, such as Deliveroo, Grabfood, and Foodpanda.

Here’s what it’ll look like once you get your hands on it:

Image: Instagram (@thestuffedowl)

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IKEA Selling Charcoal Hotdog

Another store that has jumped aboard the charcoal train is IKEA.

Though a few people (usually weirdos) go to IKEA to buy furniture, most people go there to eat, with one of their most popular items being their $1 hotdog.


Well, if you’re a fan of charcoal foods and IKEA’s hotdogs, you might want to head down there right away because they’ve added a charcoal hotdog to their menu!

Image: IKEA

It was launched earlier this month to celebrate the launch of its new gaming range. It costs $1.50 per dog.

Drizzled with cheese and sandwiched between two charcoal buns, it’ll make for a rather popular Instagram post, even if you don’t particularly like the taste.

Do hurry to the stores, though, as it’ll only be on the menu till 30 Nov.

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Featured Image: Facebook (llaollao Singapore) & Instagram (@thestuffedowl)

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