Logan Paul is Back on YouTube & Went Back to His Crazy Screaming Style

Remember Logan?

What a handsome man. Image: Vulture

Oops my bad. Wrong Logan.

Lemme just dig in my pocket for a bit… right, this one.

Image: Polygon

Apart from his luscious locks and ginormous muscles, this man’s been making waves of late. The only thing?

It’s not exactly the positive kind of wave. Rather, it’s like someone poured a gallon of oil into a pool of water and forced you to ride it with a mackerel.

You’re better off without it.

If you’ve absolutely no clue what I’m talking about, here’s a 5 second recap of what he did:

He went to Japan and joked around, despite the fact that Japan’s a pretty conservative country. While that drew the ire of many viewers, it was still tolerable. Albeit barely.

And then he crossed the line. Entering Aokigahara (which is an area famous (or infamous) for its suicide cases) with crew and camera in hand, it didn’t exactly take a degree in rocket science to figure out his intentions. And he chanced upon it: a suicide victim suspended by the rope.

But what wasn’t the all-deciding factor. Rather, it was when he started making jokes at the victim’s expense.

Boom, crash, pow. That was when the starlet’s world came crashing down.

Viewers started bombarding him with hate comments; celebrities condemned him; Youtube had to intervene and cut ties with him. The only thing that’s left intact was his Youtube channel, and even that was thrown into disarray when a petition was started to get him off it.

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Image: change.org

In response, Logan apologised on his channel, and posted a video on suicide awareness. He also donated a whopping S$SGD 1.3M to the cause.

Image: Logan Paul Youtube

Which definitely helped to a certain extent, and had naysayers nodding their heads to a perceived ‘second chance‘.

Well guess what? He’s back

Logan Paul has released a new video, and this time, it’s not an emotional one that expresses just how sorry he is.

Rather, it’s one that can only be described as…

His ‘own style’.

Now, the first thing you’ll notice is that the video is age-restricted. Gets you wondering, “Just what kind of shit is he gonna show me now?

Thereafter, a deep narrating voice (that can only be described as a pseudo Morgan Freeman) starts chronicling events with a half-naked man in the backdrop. Rather surprisingly, the half-naked man turns out to be Logan.

Image: Logan Paul Youtube

The narrator then goes on to talk about how Logan was “disgraced”, and the different situations he had to face after.

Image: Logan Paul Youtube

Before long, the whole ‘shipwrecked and salvaging food at the beach for survival’ scene fades out to reveal Logan in his natural habitat.

Image: Logan Paul Youtube

Gaining subscribers while he’s offline

In the remaining time span of the 12 minute-ish video, Logan jokes about the stuff that’s been happening to him, including the “disgrace”, how he’d gained subscribers in the time he’s been offline and how he has received hundreds of thousands of likes on social media posts since returning.

“YouTube cut my ads in half so I need you to buy my merch,” he joked at one point.

Logan also spoofed a petition that calls for him to be banned from Youtube, and joked about support he’s been receiving from celebrities.

“I’m immersing myself in this world [of suicide prevention],” he says at one point. “So I’m not going to pretend it didn’t happen.” He subsequently talks about his dad being followed by Cardi B on Instagram.

But he did get serious at several points.

‘No matter how much hate or comments from random strangers, it’s noise to me,’ he said. ‘I will never forget who I am and no one can let me think other wise. As long as I’m improving as a person, then we’re good.’

He then closed the video by saying he has no plans to go anywhere, and definitely wouldn’t be quitting Youtube.


The video’s actually pretty warmly received, as compared to his more… questionable ones.

Image: Logan Paul Youtube

Not the worst of comebacks, admittedly.

However, his jokes were still deemed insensitive enough to draw the ire of a publication.

“Any ounce of his more humble approach from his suicide prevention video seems to have evaporated and it seems the 22-year-old’s lesson hasn’t truly been learned,” MetroUK said.



You gotta applaud Logan. It takes balls to admit one’s wrong, and he’s got that in spades if he’s still cracking jokes after all that flak he faced.

So keep doing what you’re doing, Logan.

Just don’t go overboard again. Because while second chances are a gift, third chances are something you’ll be hard pressed to come by.

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