Lorry Driver Jailed For Assaulting E-scooter Rider In Front Of Daughter

Singaporeans are so angsty recently, aren’t they?

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I’ve definitely noticed a surge in the number of road rage cases and definitely come across tons of online videos of Singaporeans arguing in the middle of the road.

For example, a cyclist allegedly threatened to kill someone and this ‘hero’ that attacked an LTA officer.

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Or, you can behave like a hooligan and get jailed.

Assaulted An Electronic Scooter Rider

Mr Tan Kok Kheng, 52, was sentenced to 30 days’ jail term yesterday (10 September 2019) for assaulting Mr Muhammad Syukor Rosland, 31, on 10 April 2017.

It was reported that Mr Tan, who was driving a lorry when the incident happened, had repeatedly punched Mr Syukor in the face after they narrowly avoided a collision.

The worst part?

Mr Tan punched Mr Syukor in front of his young daughter.

Narrowly Avoided Collision

According to TODAYonline, Mr Syukor was riding a personal mobility device with his young daughter as a passenger on the day of the incident after he had picked his daughter up from school.

He said that he was about to turn into Teck Whye Lane from Choa Chu Kang Road when he noticed Mr Tan turning from the opposite direction.

Assuming that Mr Tan would be giving way as he had slowed down his vehicle, Mr Syukor sped up his e-scooter, however, Mr Tan had also sped up.

Both of them braked to avoid colliding into one another and that’s when Mr Tan alighted from the lorry and punched Mr Syukor in the face at least four times.


He also threw the E-scooter on the ground while Mr Syukor’s daughter was standing in the middle of the road crying.

A bystander then made a police report.

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A Bully And Hooligan

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Lee Wei Liang had called Mr Tan “a bully and behaved like a hooligan who vents his frustration in violence.”

DPP Lee had also added that the incident happened in full public view and had upset the victim’s young daughter.

He had also asked for at least five weeks’ jail for Mr Tan.

Mr Tan has since paid $1,000 for Mr Syukor’s medical fee and $300 for damaging the e-scooter.

He could have been jailed up to two years, or fined up to $5,000, or both for causing hurt.

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Whoever got the right of way, if you resort to violence, you’re at fault unless it’s self-defence.

If you’re feeling frustrated or stressed, maybe take up some meditation class?

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Or, punch yourself in the face instead of venting your anger on someone else.

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