Lorry Driver Who Knocked Rider Off Road Accused of ‘Rash Act’ & Could Possibly Be Jailed At Least Half A Month

Image: Facebook (ROADS.sg) & Stomp

We know what is fresh meat right?

Image: GfyCat

No, not the refrain that Pudge from Dota mutters.

Think of meat from animals, say lamb or beef for example.

We understand meat to be fresh when the animal is slaughtered gently cajoled into being slabs of steak or racks.

But what about your sausages or lup cheong?

Are those fresh, given that meats involved in their creation tend to have undergone some time and processing?

Pardon my rant for I bring you fresh updates on a somewhat old-ish news, like an old meat that has gone through processing.

Lorry Versus Smiling Cyclist Part 18

We’ve clicked here and there, and read them right?

We are talking about this incident.

Image: Facebook/ROADS.sg
Image: Facebook/ROADS.sg
Image: Facebook/ROADS.sg
Image: Facebook/ROADS.sg

Yes, the infamous Lorry Vs Cyclist incident which video has since garnered an astronomical view count of more than 3 million.

Way to put Singapore on the map, eh?

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Lorry driver GBD4011Y purposefully hit cyclist

Road rage between cyclist and lorry driver of GBD4011Y."TO BE HONEST, it is already hard to drive in one lane TOGETHER with a cyclist. And in this case, the cyclist was selfish and irresponsible to ride in the middle of the lane. Thus, the lorry honked TWICE. Please note, TWO SHORT HONKS ONLY. (Once to ask him to move to the side, another time when they ignored the horn).However, the rowdy cyclist went beside the lorry and SMASH THE SIDE MIRROR, what the hell? And the lorry driver banged him onto the grass verge just to get back at the cyclist for what he has done. The cyclist fell to the ground but WAS NOT injured. He stood up and the lorry uncle stopped his vehicle.Do you think the cyclist is right? How can one just smash the mirror and get rowdy just because he think he SHOULDNT GET HONKED. Is keeping to the side of the roads so hard?"Credit: Y Lim

Posted by ROADS.sg on Saturday, 22 December 2018

If you are unaware, this is a summary of the incident:

Cyclist rode on the centre of a lane and lorry driver honked him twice. When the lorry driver tried to overtake, the cyclist threw a water bottle at the lorry’s side mirror. Lorry then swerved left and knocked down the cyclist who stood up immediately.

And now, here’s an update on the situation.

“Prosecution seeks jail term for lorry driver involved in Pasir Ris altercation with cyclist”

Lorry driver, Teo Seng Tiong, was initially charged with causing hurt to others through negligent behaviour, on top of not making a police report within 24 hours of a car accident.

In an amended charge however, Teo is now “accused of acting rashly as to cause hurt to cyclist Eric Cheung Hoyu, 35, by suddenly swerving his lorry to the left and colliding with Cheung.” The prosecutors are seeking a jail term of at least two weeks for the driver.

In a previous report, Teo was quoted as saying that he had swerved left, and inevitably into Cheung, as he had thought that he might have hit a taxi to his right.

Under the Penal Code, the maximum penalty for the charge of acting rashly to cause hurt is a maximum jail term of one year, or a fine of S$5,000, or both.

While as a first-time offender for failing to make a police report within 24 hours of an accident, Teo faces a fine of up to $1,000 or up to three months’ jail.

Had originally planned to plead Guilty

According to Lianhe Zaobao, Teo had originally intended to plead guilty to negligence.

But in his response to ST, Teo shared that he had “no choice but to claim trial” in lieu of the more serious amended charge.

He added that his current lawyer, Chia Boon Teck, will continue to represent him pro bono.

And yet if a clap requires two hands, what about a collision that requires two parties?

Or for that matter, two protagonists?

What happens of the baby %$&*-faced assassin cyclist then?

Image: Facebook/ROADS.sg

Was he simply handing Teo a bottle of water because he was thirsty?

In that case, maybe Teo decided that Cheong had a constipated look and decided that he should have his greens.


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