Man in China Hid S$42 Million Lottery Win from Wife & Child & It’s Not Because He Wanted The Money for Himself


Winning a lottery is almost everyone’s dream—it is as though money has fallen from the sky and you suddenly become rich overnight.

While most of us will scream with joy and be eager to spend our winnings on the most expensive items, this man in China does otherwise.

Man in China Hid S$42 Million Lottery Win from Wife & Child & It’s Not Because He Wanted The Money for Himself

A man, whose surname is Li, won S$42 million (220 million yuan) in the lottery.

He was dressed in a cartoon costume during the cheque presentation ceremony on 24 October 2022 to conceal his identity (yes, he’s not the guy in white; I mean, just look at that forced smile).

Image: Sohu

Being a multi-millionaire is a rare thing, so you gotta be lowkey. 

Mr Li also donated 5 million yuan to a charity. He will take home a grand total of S$33.3 million (171 million yuan) after his donation and tax amount of S$8.3 million (43 million yuan).

Despite his excitement, he decided to contain his emotions and did not tell anyone about his winnings—including his family members.

You might think it is because he wanted the money for himself, but you are wrong.

He was actually worried that the money could make his wife and child lazy and arrogant.

“I have not told my wife or kid. I am concerned that they might feel superior to other people and will not work or study hard in future,” he said.

He Bought the Same Ticket Numbers for Years 

Mr Li bought 40 lottery tickets for S$15.57 (80 yuan) in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. Each ticket contained the same seven numbers.

Image: Baidu

What he did not expect was that all seven numbers hit, which led him to win about S$1 million (5.4 million yuan) per ticket, hence the total amounted to S$42 million (220 million yuan).

He chose the same seven numbers over the past few years because they “looked pleasing”.

This time, his loyalty really paid off.

Mr Li said he does not spend so much money on lottery and it is just a hobby—although it does provide a glimpse of hope for him.

The next morning, he took a train to Nanning to collect his prize at the Guangxi Welfare Lottery Distribution Centre.


“I slept in the hotel during those two days. I did not go outside that weekend because I did not want to lose my tickets,” said Mr Li.

He Has Not Decided How To Use His Prize Money

Mr Li has not decided what he would do with the prize money.

However, he will be using it as a joint asset between him and his wife, although she does not know about the news yet.

A lawyer told the news that Mr Li might violate the Chinese Marriage Law by “infringing on his wife’s right to know”.

But for real though, his reason for not letting his wife knows seems to be legit. 


Incidents of How Some People Lost Their Lottery Money 

Another reason why he decided to keep it lowkey is because there were actually instances when people lost their lottery money.

A man won 10 million yuan from a lottery in 2008 but was arrested in 2012 for defaulting on a 200,000 yuan credit card debt. He has used up all his prize money to lead a luxurious lifestyle.

Another widower in his 80s won 12 million yuan in 2018 but fought with his four children over the inheritance. This led to him committing suicide.

In other words, it’s proven in history that if you didn’t work hard for your money, but got it from a windfall, that’s not going to end well.

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Featured Image: Baidu & Sohu