SPF Confirm Kwek Kee Seng is Still in S’pore


Seven million may be considered a big number to some. 

Heck, a million is already a handful to count up to. 

But SGD$7 million? Now, that’s a difference. 

If you’ve ever yearned for that big of a number to reflect on your bank account, and you’re tired of the long queues at the Toto or 4D shops downstairs your block, how about aiming your visions at Kwek Kee Seng?

This rising local star of ours found himself shooting to popularity faster than any influencer on TikTok when the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) placed a SGD$7 million bounty on his head. 

Image: FBI

His crime? A true age-old classic of laundering money. 

How Kwek Kee Seng Become More Popular Than Any TikTok Influencer

Heralded as the owner of Swanseas Port Services shipping company here, the 62-year-old businessman was engaged in a series of plans to transport fuel to North Korea on the down-low whilst attempting to evade sanctions by the US and the United Nations. 

I mean, the community spirit of wanting to help our secluded East Asian neighbour is there, Mr Kwek, but this is really a stretch. 

How big of a stretch, you ask?

Well, Kwek and his gang of co-conspirators started conducting financial transactions through a series of shell companies in an attempt to hide their identities.

The money laundered was used to purchase oil, services and material for the vessel, as well as fuelling the salaries of a whole crew. 

Now with his perfect backdrop set, this could be one of the most successful heists ever pulled by a true blue Singaporean if the tanker he purchased as a vessel for the oil did not get seized in Cambodia back in 2020. 

And of course, lest you’re not aware, it’s illegal to do business with North Korea.

The Latest Update: Kwek Kee Seng is Still in Singapore

Thus, investigations officially began in April 2021 and traced Kwek’s poorly covered trail back to our sunny home in Singapore. 

Singapore Police Force has taken a step forward to proclaim that they would be actively cooperating with the US to ensure a smooth investigation. 

And so it seems that for all of his smarts, Kwek has outsmarted himself. 


With the current status of investigations still officially ongoing, not much is known of Kwek’s location.

However, on 5 November 2022, the SPF said that he is still in Singapore, and has been under investigation by the Commercial Affairs Department for offences under Singapore’s United Nations Act 2001.

To be exact, he could be somewhere around Choa Chu Kang North, according to US court records, as he lives there. Or lived there.

We wish all our fellow northwest candidates good luck in their quest for keeping an eye out for Kwek See Seng.

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Featured Image: FBI