Why Ong Ye Kung Appearing in JJ Lin’s Concert is Such a Big Deal


Just recently, we saw Mr Ong Ye Kung doing Muay Thai with the Speaker of Parliament, Mr Tan Chuan Jin.

This time, Mr Ong shows us once again that there’s more to him than just the Minister for Health by going to JJ Lin’s concert.

Here’s what happened and why Mr Ong heading to JJ Lin’s concert is such a big deal.

JJ20 Day 1

Singaporean Mandopop singer JJ Lin, the name we’ve all grown to know and love, held his first major in-person concert on Friday, 4 Nov.

The 41-year-old is currently on his world tour named “JJ20”.

The “20” marks the milestone of his almost 20-year career.

Time really does fly.

Lin sold out the Singapore National Stadium for two days, on 4 Nov and 5 Nov.

On the first night, crowds were seen making their way from the Stadium MRT to the National Stadium frmo as early as 5:30pm.

By 6pm, the queues for the bag checks were already snaking.

The crowd then started streaming into the National Stadium, packing the stadium and the seats up by 7:15pm.

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The concert, which was supposed to start at 7pm, only started at 7:30pm.

Amidst the loud cheers of excited fans, Lin emerged on a floating platform in a full white outfit playing on a grand piano.

The night was started off with his 2011 song called “记得” (“Remember”).

Next, he performed another hit of his, “Mummy”, together with his backup dancers dressed in bright red.

JJ Lin’s Guest of Honour

The Mandopop star gave a warm welcome to the crowd before finally introducing his guest of honour, Minister for Health Mr Ong, who was seated in the crowd.

Image: Unusual Entertainment Pte Ltd

Lin performed more than 30 of his songs including a few from his latest album, while also treating fans with some of his all-time favourite hits.

The concert ran for about three hours.

Mr Ong, in an Instagram post about the concert afterwards, wrote that he had thoroughly enjoyed JJ Lin’s concert.


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So why exactly was it such a big deal that Mr Ong attended Lin’s concert?


In a video of the star and the Health Minister from 2021, Lin said that he hoped to hold a large-scale concert, before jokingly remarking that he would invite Mr Ong to help in the organisation of the concert.

We don’t know for sure whether Mr Ong did help in the organisation of the concert, but we’re glad Lin finally got the large-scale concert he wanted.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@jjlin) + Unusual Entertainment Pte Ltd