Lumine, the Japanese Fashion Mall, is Coming to S’pore. Here’s What You Should Know


If you love all Japan, you’re going to be thrilled with the fact that LUMINE from the country is bringing its version of a retail store and a café to boot, at none other than Clarke Quay.

No need to wait for years too, as it’s opening in a month on 25 Nov 2017.

Here’re the details you had to know yesterday!

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LUMINE is the name that’s behind Japan’s fashion malls, and it’s very first overseas outlet is being launched here.

It will take over 10,000 square feet in Clarke Quay Central’s second floor. As told earlier, it will consist of retail space as well as a LUMINE café, the first of its kind!

Expect to see at least 20 Japanese fashion names on the list, including the likes of FRAY I.D., Le Talon, TOMORROWLAND, Zoff and roomsSHOP.

The prices kind of suit every patron in a way – you’d be able to shop for items from S$15 right up to S$850.

And that’s not even the end of it as yet. LUMINE will also have a concept space in its mall called the LUMINE LAB. While it sounds all scientific and all, what it actually does is bring in a bunch of fresh and yet popping Japanese brands to the Singaporean crowd.

These will more be about influencer-featured names, the likes of which include MERCURYDUO, rienda, MURUA and Couture.


This LUMINE fashion mall is a testing ground of sorts for Japanese brands, with the aim to bring the Japanese sense of craftsmanship and fashion to Singapore, and hopefully induce a brand new fashion culture here.

The shopping mall in Clarke Quay Central will follow the designs of LUMINE’s other malls in its Japanese segments – Yurakucho, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro among its 16 branches in Japan, but on a smaller space.

Naokazu Kozakai is the MD for LUMINE Singapore, and he states that the brand wants to go and be more than a place for customers to get products and items. Rather, the goal is to become a place that also stimulates one’ senses as they shop, but in an original sense.

LUMINE intends to provide high-quality yet classic Japanese items that are marketed in a manner that gives its customers an environment that isn’t rushed, but relaxed to shop in.

It is all about comfort, so much so that shopping will become a seamless breeze and something that is indulged, rather than a bunch of items you tick off your shopping list.

Well, to be honest, that is the only way to counter online shopping #justsaying

Image: LUMINE Singapore

Sounds pretty enticing, ya? Now we can’t wait for the next month to come, and then the date 25 too.


It’s most probably going to be a bustling crowd on opening day, but there’s nothing better than getting the first view of the place with a fresh pair of eyes before reading about the reviews of bloggers who’ve been there later, right?

We’d also love to know what the LUMINE café is going to offer on its menu, too!

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Featured Image: LUMINE Singapore