Woman Claims She Just Received Empty Box After Purchasing LV Bag from MBS


Making your first big branded goods purchase as an adult is always a thrilling experience, but it can, unfortunately, go wrong sometimes.

From getting a bag that doesn’t suit you to realising that another bag catches your eye more, it seems like there are plenty of ways in which one’s shopping experience might end up less satisfying than expected.

However, it seems like no one will be beating this woman’s experience after the staff at the Louis Vuitton (LV) outlet at Marina Bay Sands failed to give her the luxury bag she had bought.

Yup, she ended up going home with an empty LV box.

Here’s what happened.

Louis Vuitton Gave Woman Empty Box, Tried to “Gaslight” Her Into Believing Otherwise

Recently, a woman in Singapore with the username @annapooty on TikTok uploaded the following video to her TikTok account.

@annapooty not slay of LV 🤡💀 #fyp #sgtiktok #singapore #unboxinggonewrong #louisvuitton #luxurybag #mbs #tiktoksg #marinabaysands #sg #LV ♬ 芭比q了 – 邓家忠


The video showcased her opening up what was supposed to be her LV bag contained in an LV box, but instead, what came up on camera was an empty LV box.

The woman shared that it was her first time purchasing an LV bag and that she “got the shock of [her] life” after realising that the box was empty.

“not slay of LV,” she added in her caption.

She also revealed that she had paid $2,400 for the bag and that the store tried to “gaslight” her into believing that they had given her the bag when she called them to ask where it was.

Police Report Was Made

In the same video, @annapooty also highlighted that her bag was only found after she filed a police report.

She then posted another video that included proof of her police report that she filed on 11 December after a commenter asked if they could see it.

@annapooty Replying to @heng ong huathuat ♬ S.I.M.P (Squirrels In My Pants) [From ‘Phineas And Ferb’] – Geek Music

The report showed that the bag not given to her was an ALMA BB. D.EBE. bag from LV worth $2,420. She also bought another bag which was given to her when she left the store.

Additionally, she clarified in the police report that she only realised the bag was missing when she got home. This was because the gift box from LV was “quite heavy” to begin with.

As for LV’s actions, she also wrote in the report, “We have already contacted the store who informed us that they were investigating the manner and would get back to us on 12th December 2022 at around 1500hrs.”

Issue Finally Resolved, LV Gave Her a Free Bottle of Champagne 

By this point, many netizens were invested in the woman’s experience with her missing bag, with her first two videos collectively chalking up over 578,500 views.

Thankfully, she ended up getting the bag she paid for, and she shared this in a video that she posted after the incident.

@annapooty way too much to fit into the video, storytime in the comments 🤧 #fyp #fypsg #louisvuitton #marinabaysands #missingbag #singapore ♬ Lottery – K CAMP

In the short clip, she also shared that LV offered her a complimentary bottle of champagne as compensation for her less-than-ideal experience at the store.


In the video’s comments section, she also explained the entire incident and how it unfolded.

She recounted how she purchased the bag on 9 December but went home with the empty box, which prompted her to call the LV hotline.

However, they had closed for the day by the time she called, so she left a message for the staff, who were “really slow on the updates”. When she called LV the next day, she was told they had begun investigating the matter and would contact her in due time.

In subsequent calls, the LV staff claimed that CCTV footage captured her exiting the store with two bags instead of the one she initially received, which prompted her to visit the outlet in person to clarify the matter.

However, she was told the same thing when she headed to the store.

“When questioned [about] the outcome of the situation, they were not keen on ruling out the possibility that crime may have taken place out of their store. It insinuated that I may have left my bag unattended when I was shopping elsewhere for the rest of the day.


“And I left the store disheartened with no clarity on the situation, and was also told to wait for updates by 12th of Dec at 3 pm,” she added.

She eventually chose to file a police report the next morning while still waiting for LV to give her updates as she thought she had “little chance” of getting her bag back.

She left the police station at 12.30 pm and was told that the police had gotten in contact with LV regarding at 1 pm.

Half an hour later, LV called and said they had found her bag in their store.

Wait, what?


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Sales Assistants Mixed Up the Items

After admitting that it was their error, LV explained to @annapooty that two sales assistants (SAs) were packing customers’ purchases at the back of the store.

Unfortunately, they mixed up her bag with an empty piece that another customer had requested as a “decor piece”.

“My SA left my box on the floor while packing the other bag and picked up the empty box on his way out instead,” she explained.

But it seems like all’s well now, and she even posted an unboxing video of the bag (and champagne) she could finally bring home.

@annapooty Now that I managed to get my bag back, my heart no longer feels heavy (don’t worry, my box is though) 😜 #sgfyp #singapore #louisvuitton #missingbag #fyp #marinabaysands #luxurybag #unboxinggonewrong #sgtiktok #mbs ♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

“Now that I managed to get my bag back, my heart no longer feels heavy (don’t worry, my box is though),” she added in her caption.

In the comments sections of her videos, many netizens criticised LV for their lacklustre customer service, and some even called for the SA responsible for the incident to be fired.

Others advised her to check her purchases before leaving luxury stores next time.


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