Man Caught on Camera Manually Lifting Barrier to Exit Parklane Carpark

If there’s one thing to bear in mind when solving problems, it’s that the easiest way out sometimes isn’t the best way out.

For example, that’s the case when you choose to do nothing after hearing your girlfriend tell you that “she’s fine”. (When, in fact, you probably should do something.)

That aside, it seems like a man who literally lifted a car park barrier arm with two hands to allow a car to exit the car park didn’t get the memo not to take the “easy” way out.

Here’s what happened.

Man Caught on CCTV After Lifting Car Park Barrier at Nearly 4 am

In a video posted on SG Road Vigilante – SG RV’s Facebook page on Monday (12 December), a man dressed in black was captured by the CCTV cameras at Parklane Shopping Mall’s car park.

The clip begins by showing the man walking towards the car park barrier arm before testing if the car park barrier can be lifted. (Just like when you do a mic test, except that you probably aren’t wrecking the entire mic by doing so.)

He then proceeded to push the entire barrier upwards bit by bit.

At the same time, a white Volkswagen Golf R with the car plate number SNC3349T was waiting behind the barrier and drove off when the barrier arm was lifted high enough for the car to pass through.

All while the LED sign right before the gantry asked for the driver to insert the cash card into the IU reader, as seen from the reflection on the car’s surface.

The man then walked off but turned around after a while and walked back to pull the barrier downwards and back into its original position.

Because that’s so considerate of him.

According to the video’s caption, the entire incident occurred at 3.58 am on Saturday (10 December), and the man had allegedly lifted the barrier arm to avoid paying for the car park’s parking fees.

Ah, yes, because the repair fees and whatnot will be so much cheaper.

Expired Road Tax and Other Unpaid Fees

And that’s not all.

After showcasing the CCTV footage, the video cuts to two screenshots, revealing something else about the Volkswagen involved in the incident.

Based on the car plate number captured on the CCTV footage, it was found that the vehicle’s road tax had already expired.

The screenshot shows that it expired earlier this month, on 8 December.

Apart from that, the owner seems to have chalked up several cases of unpaid fees from other authorities as well, for a quick search showed that the car is tied to $500 worth of fines from the Housing Development Board (HDB) and $70 in fines from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

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Netizens’ Reactions

Since the video was posted on Facebook, it has garnered over 43,000 views, 709 likes and 194 comments.

The same video has amassed over 10,000 views on SG RV’s YouTube account.

In the comments section, most Facebook and YouTube users publicly disapproved of the man’s actions, but some found them rather amusing.

Others noted that the man would probably be asked to compensate the building’s management for damaging the barrier.

“probably damaged the gate mechanism too (if not, manager will still throw in some opportunistic maintenance). haha – would love to see the bill when it comes,” one Facebook user wrote.

Others questioned why the man decided to push the barrier arm up since it’s a given that CCTVs are installed in most car parks in Singapore.

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Featured Image: Facebook (SG Road Vigilante – SGRV)