Doctor in Yishun Had to Call the Police 5 Times in 2 Hours After ‘Patient’ Repeatedly Asked for Cough Syrup

Last Updated on 2022-12-15 , 5:23 pm

Most of us probably don’t enjoy taking medicine, but as always, there are outliers in every situation.

However, one man brought it a little too far when he tried to obtain cough syrup by repeatedly harassing a clinic to prescribe it to him.

In fact, the harassment got so bad that the doctor had to call the police five times within two hours to get him to stop.

On Monday (12 December), Lin Qingxing (Hanyu pinyin), the perpetrator, plead guilty to one count of trespassing and another count of voluntarily causing hurt and obstructing a public servant in the discharge of public functions.

Lin, 48, was sentenced to four months and a week in prison.

Here’s what happened.

Doctor Ended Up Calling Police Multiple Times 

According to investigations, the accused went to Ren Medical Clinic at 11.30 am on 27 October this year for a “consultation”.

He had primarily intended to purchase cough syrup during his visit to the clinic located at 101 Yishun Ave 5.

For those unaware, cough syrup usually contains codeine, which can be addictive as it provides individuals with a “temporary high”.

However, the doctor examined him and found that he was healthy and did not prescribe any cough syrup.

After leaving the clinic, the accused loitered around the clinic after leaving but returned soon after to chitchat with the patients and staff members at the clinic.

The doctor then claimed that the accused was talking too loudly and affecting the doctor’s ability to work effectively, and asked him to leave the clinic.

However, although he obliged, he returned to the clinic again shortly after his second time leaving.

This prompted the doctor to call the police.

By the time the police arrived at the clinic, the accused had left yet again.

But that’s not all.

In true relentless fashion, the accused returned to the clinic again, which, you guessed it, caused the doctor to call the police again.

Police officers then began to search for the accused in the area around the clinic. After finding him, they warned him not to return to the clinic again.

Even though he agreed not to return to the clinic, guess what?

Yup, he returned to it again and harassed those in the clinic once more.

This time, he left before the police managed to get to the scene.

Harrassed Ex-Girlfriend As Well

And it seems like harassing clinics for cough syrup isn’t the only form of harassing that he’s done recently.

On the same day as the clinic harassment incident, the police received a call at 4.15 pm from a man regarding the accused’s actions elsewhere.

The man who called the police claimed that the accused was his aunt’s ex-boyfriend and that he had been harassing their family at their home.

He even tried to open the windows along the corridor to peer into their house.

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According to the accused, he had gone to his ex-girlfriend’s house as he had hoped to have a conversation with her. However, her mother told him to leave, so he went to sit at the stairwell near her house.

The police proceeded to the ex-girlfriend’s house after receiving the report and found the accused sleeping at the stairwell. He also appeared to be inebriated.

After investigations, police officers realised that he was the same man involved in the clinic harassment incident and arrested him.

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