PMA Rider Sped in Woodlands & Got Into Heated Exchange with Biker


It is understandable for us to face difficulties when coming to terms with our mistakes. After all, we are only human. To comfort ourselves, we often resort to pinning the blame on others. 

Illustrating this is the incident of the man speeding on his personal mobility aid (PMA) in Woodlands.

Man Zooms Through 888 Plaza in Woodlands, Gets Told Off

The 7+ minute long video by SG Road Vigilante starts with the point-of-view of the errant driver. Like a needle, he was threading through pockets of people, just shy of hitting them. 

As shown on his device, he hit a maximum speed of 20km/h before slowing down and getting confronted by a Malay man on a motorcycle.

The motorcyclist chided him for speeding when there clearly were pedestrians around, warning him that it was dangerous and somebody could get injured.

Unhappy with the criticism, he directed his camera toward the biker and invited him to continue his line of comments. 

“Why, you not happy ah? I talk to you nicely just now, why you point your camera at me?” The motorcyclist was triggered and argued with the PMA driver. 

He was not happy that he was being recorded and started unleashing a string of vulgarities. 

“People just advise you, you listen,” he insisted to the driver. 

The PMA driver, as if in discontent, wanted to continue defending himself, but was quickly shut down by the motorcyclist’s boom of profanities.


“F*** off la c******!”

The motorcyclist shouted twice before the PMA driver drove away quietly.

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PMA’s Perspective

After he drove away, the PMA driver monologued about how he was in the right in that scenario.

He smirked, with a “hmph”, then proceeded to curse the man on the motorcycle. 

The errant driver laughed at the biker for “star(ing) the spark first.

“Act ah beng only, k*****,” the PMA driver added.

Netizens’ Response

Is it wise to commit a crime then go to the police to collect your own bounty?

No, because you’re exposing yourself. 

To be clear, PMAs are allowed on footpaths and pavements, but the speed limit for such devices is 10km/h. The video clearly shows the man going up to 28km/h, in flagrant defiance of the law.

At the time of writing, the clip has garnered over 96 thousand views and almost 800 comments.


Many online were in support of the motorcyclist, despite his string of profanities. They also mocked the PMA driver for riding foolishly then posting the evidence to the internet. 

He was called names like “clown” and “dumbass” by netizens who were unhappy that he not only endangered others but also threw a fit about it. 

Moral of the story? Don’t speed. And even if you were to do so? Don’t expose yourself.

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Featured Image: Facebook (SG Road Vigilante)