Sheng Siong CEO & Wife Helped to Pack Meat in an Outlet After Employees Down with COVID-19


What happens when a supermarket is understaffed?

Many people might think that they’ll just hire some extra workers for the week, or reallocate workers across branches. Some would just pick a community cat from the street to help out.

But for Sheng Siong, their CEO and his wife decided to personally help out in the store. Here’s why.

Decided To Personally Cover for Unwell Employees

According to Shin Min Daily News, CEO Lim Hock Chee explained that there’s usually five workers sorting out the pork for this supermarket at 88 Tanglin Halt Road.

However, four workers tested positive for COVID-19, along with the recent Omicron wave. They are currently recovering at home.

Mr Lim said that finding good replacement workers was difficult since this was very last-minute news. He and his wife thus decided to personally help out at the store.

Used to Rear Pigs, Was Experienced At This Task

The Sheng Siong CEO used to rear pigs, so he was very experienced with the slaughter and packaging of pork. It was therefore no problem at all for him to take over his employees’ task load.

He woke up at 5am to work, and worked at the supermarket till 12pm, packaging pork and displaying them on the shelves. After finishing his duties at the supermarket, he returned to his office to attend to his CEO duties.

His wife was also helping out in the supermarket, doing various duties around the kitchen, garage and store.

Blended In Well With Other Employees

Mr Lim wore the standard Sheng Siong uniform and apron, and looked like any other employee.

In fact, shoppers did not even realise that the CEO was working at the store. Many shoppers that were interviewed by Shin Min also said that they were surprised that the CEO would willingly work the shift for his employees.

So what sets this CEO apart from other CEOs?

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A True Leader

Mr Lim said that being a leader is 75% doing what he preaches, 20% communicating with employees, and the other 5% is influenced by the circumstances around us.

An elderly employee interviewed by Shin Min who has been working at the same outlet for 15 years spoke of Mr Lim highly.

He said that other than working in the kitchens, Mr Lim would also often walk around the store and chat with both the employees and customers. Given how good of a leader Mr Lim is, the 65-year-old said that he’s happy to continue working, even though he has reached retirement age.

Another employee also shared that when the CEO arrives at the store in the morning, he’d share breakfast from the market like fried carrot cake, lor mee and laksa with everyone.


The general consensus was that Lim is a very humble leader, who often talks and jokes with the employees during work.

Mr Lim is truly commendable for staying so down-to-earth, even as Sheng Siong continues to be a major chain in Singapore.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News