Company That Manufactured Panadol Increasing Supply As More People Bought Them Recently

If you’re wondering why you can never seem to get hold of Panadol when you visit your nearby supermarket, you’re probably not alone.

As the demand for Panadol continues to rise steadily in Singapore, GSK Consumer Healthcare has announced that it will be stepping up to increase its supply of the paracetamol-based medication.

Ever since the start of the Omicron wave in Singapore during the second half of last year, consumers have been snapping up Panadol in increasingly large amounts.

This is especially so for variants such as Panadol Extra and Panadol Cough and Cold, which are targeted at treating common COVID-19 symptoms.

Apart from the increase in COVID-19 cases, GSK also told CNA that another factor that contributed to the rise in demand for Panadol was the increase in individuals taking their booster shots at the start of the year.

However, the company also reassured the public that stores will be stocked with larger amounts of Panadol, which will ensure that there is enough to go around.

COVID-19 Home Recovery Increased Demand for Panadol As Well

As a well-known over-the-counter drug to treat pain and fevers, it is no surprise that the demand for Panadol continued to rise after the government started encouraging home recovery plans for COVID-19 patients who had mild to no symptoms.

In February this year, the government rolled out various measures such as asking employers to not make medical certificates and recovery memos mandatory for employees who had contracted COVID-19.

In addition to that, home isolation and recovery were also allowed for infected individuals who had mild or no symptoms. This was to reduce the amount of stress put on the healthcare sector.

However, GSK also explained that with the increase in the number of people recovering from COVID-19 at home, many naturally turned to over-the-counter medication, like Panadol, to treat their symptoms. These symptoms included mild fevers, pain, cough and sore throat.

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Despite the shortage of Panadol in recent months, GSK also took the chance to highlight that new batches of stocks for Panadol Extra and Panadol Cough and Cold have arrived in Singapore since the start of this month.

Even though the stocks in some places may sell out faster than those in others, GSK also emphasised that it will try to meet consumers’ heightened demands for the medication as much as possible.

The company also urged Singaporeans to be considerate and responsible when buying the medication so that everyone will be able to obtain the medication if they need it.

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